This Is Why I Think School Is Fun!

Many students find it very difficult to believe that there is actually a good reason to love going to school. Oh yeah! I used to be like that but the good news is that, there is always a good reason for everything. There are a lot of fun and exciting moments that helps one get through the tough times in school. Why do most students cry or suddenly become sad whenever resumption date to school draws near? It's because they have not been able to find those amazing parts of being a student, which I will let you know now and I hope you do well in school with them because I care.

Deaf Woman Hears For The First Time

Born with a rare condition called 'Usher syndrome' a rare and incurable genetic disorder that can cause hearing loss and visual impairment. Joanne Milne has been deaf since she was born. In her mid twenties, this cruel condition started affecting her eye sight.

However, the now 41 year old woman made headlines last year when she began to hear sounds for the very first time after doing cochlear implants.

As she heard words being spoken to her for the very first time, it was a heart warming moment and dream come true for her. The video below showed her overwhelmed with emotion with a huge smile on her face as she struggled to fight back her tears. I find it really inspiring...anything is possible if you believe!

Video credit: Youtube and The Telegraph

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NDB Interviews Deb: My Natural Hair Journey

She is a bold, beautiful, strong and determined young lady with a very creative and entrepreneurial spirit. She loves God, loves everything about natural hair and loves making people look beautiful. Deb is a Lawyer in the making who is also into Arts & Entertainment, a Jesus freak, and a natural hair consultant. In this interview, Deb talks on everything about her natural hair, the journey so far and the faux locs she makes.
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