May Notes || Taking Stock

Remember the last time I took notes? You can find it here July Notes. So the month is already ending and I am quietly sitting down here in front of my computer screen taking stock of all that had happened in the month of MAY, and you won't believe how faithful God has been to me;

10 Awesome Ways To Enjoy Weekends

1. Write out your plans for the weekend and stick it on your mirror

2. Don't bring office work home

3. Tidy up your room and keep your environment clean. Declutter your space

4. Saturate your atmosphere and house with worship songs

5. Grocery shop

4. Prepare a healthy meal. Try new recipes too

5. Take some time out for what you are passionate about

6. Find a writer or blogger whose work you really enjoy and spend a few hours just going through all of their archives, until you reach the very end and become profoundly sad that you don’t have anything of theirs left to obsess over

7. Catch up on sleep

8. Visit a new place or go watch the latest movies at the cinemas

9. Attend a free seminar, event or concert

10. Help someone's life

P.S - I just did No. 5. What number are you taking? I mean now! Life is too short not to be enjoyed!!


Book Review || Failing Forward by John C. Maxwell

My first encounter with this book was in October last year when one of my boss at work recommended it for me because of the many questions that clouded my mind as at then; I wasn't feeling perfect enough for my current position at the office even though I knew I was qualified for it, I was also working on several projects totally different from what I studied in school and I really needed to be assured I was on the right path even though I knew within me I was. See, this feelings thing ain't no good at all because if you live your life based on how you feel, you will never get anything done in life.

Well, I later got to study the book and I was wowed by the depth of it's pages, it inspired me so much that I even had to turn it into a daily devotional for personal purposes. Inside the book, I learned what they never taught me in school and I also saw practical ways of turning my mistakes into stepping stones. 

Top Blogging Myths And Misconceptions

When I first made the decision to start a blog, all I did wanted was to become a better writer. And while I have met and connected with a lot of incredible and amazing people on this path, I have equally grown to be better doing this. I have worked with a couple of small brands here and there, no much money have been made yet but hey, we are gradually getting there.

Blogging is serious business and I personally think it's unfair to judge or disregard bloggers based on these top 10 myths and misconceptions.

How To Reprogram Your Mind For Success

A few days back, a lady asked me a question on programming and reprogramming one's mind for success. She wanted to find out, if it was actually possible and where to start or go about it. This led to a whole long conversation between us and I thought it wise to share on the blog. So, yes! It is possible to program your mind for success because I have come to realize that the number one thing successful person do is to change their mindset. And here are five relative ways to do that!

Inspiration Quotes For The Week

Hi! Sure you a had a lovely weekend, do check out the Inspiring Quotes we are loving this week:

Inspiration Diaries || The Sonnie Badu Story

How else can we get inspired on never giving up? If not by this Sonnie Badu's latest story and inspiring testimony. He shared his breakthrough story on Thursday via his social media platforms and it's inspiring everyone.
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