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Young, Purposeful, In Love With Jesus. 

Hi!!! I am Naomi Destiny David (Destiny is my second name), so glad you are here! WELCOME TO MY ONLINE POSITIVE SPACE😊😊😊

So after all the random musings here and there, the tiny fears I encountered, and the occasional uncertainties that clouded my mind, I finally did step out of my comfort zone. Yayyy!😀

Who am I?

I'm a passionate dream achiever, I like to meet people, I love to travel and explore, I love to create something out of nothing, I love to inspire, I love to see people excel in life and do great things. I am a very creative soul, team natural hair, a highly self motivated person, kind of playful but can be quiet serious. I despise ignorance which means I love learning new things and yes I got a precariously balanced stack of inspirational and personal development books in my head because I'm really committed to living a well meaningful, impactful and productive life.

I am that young purpose driven lady who is truly passionate about inspiring young ones unto their gifts, callings, and abilities. I am also committed to them living a purposeful, meaningful and productive life. I started this blog as an hobby back then in Uni. because I was blessed with the creative gift of writing and the ability to put words together but I actually took it more seriously in 2016. I just loved doing it...you know...and for me, exploring the world of blogging was my strategy to become a better writer.

I am a Certified Accountant and I certainly hope to be Chattered someday but I fell in love with the digital world and it's consuming my entire space (I'm quiet tech-savvy). I am a beautiful inspiration, pretty, strong and powerful, I mean my whole life itself is a testimony but I may just leave that story for another day (because I may get so emotional about it). I have always had this thing for the production world/movie industry, I really love to tell inspiring stories and capture beautiful moments (I write scripts too).

I love God and I'm completely in love with Jesus...In fact He is my whole life. Though right from time, I had always been a Jesus Girl but at a certain time in my life JESUS revealed Himself to me in a much deeper way and I got so hooked, He came forth as light shinning through every dark path of my life, He changed my whole life and it had never been the same again. I remember feeling there was nothing special about me that made me unique but growing up, I realized all of that never really mattered, what matters is what God thinks of me and how best I can make good use of what I have been blessed with. To get to know me better, read 22 Random Facts About Me


About the blog:

NDB aims towards creating a sense of community for young ones out there to be the best they can be as well as inspire them to live a well meaningful and productive life. Here you will find bits of my life, my journey, my faith, personal style, practical lessons and experiences from great people. We would get to encourage and inspire one another as I get to support you in becoming all that you can be.

I hope you really do stick around and join me in making positive impact as I fulfill purpose and become all that God created me to be. We really can make it happen!

If you've got questions / collaborations and would love to partner with me, why not? You can inbox me on my Official Email Address .

I surely look forward to seeing you around and to hear your amazing feedback, comments, and questions, kindly Get In Touch or connect with me on Twitter and Instagram

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