11 Ways To Turn Around A Bad Day

I've been having a bad day today, it happens sometimes right? School has been stressing me out, while having lunch today my drink poured on me, and the list goes on. But I have decided I wouldn't let my day end this bad and so I thought: "how can I turn this day around so I don't go to bed crabby?" So I tried this few things and it worked. 

1. Listen to your favorite song (positive) song and sing along:  Studies have shown that music can change your mood in a second, listen to your favorite song and sing if you can and dance around like crazy! (I do that often).

2. Write about what's bothering you and don't forget to write about what you're grateful for: Writing things down can release stress and anxiety, it helps you get your things off your chest and no one has to ever see it. Also, write a few things you're grateful(gratitude journal) for so that you remind yourself how blessed you are. This will help you see things from a different perspective.

3. Do some exercise: Even if you don't feel like it. Working out will stimulate blood flow and release endorphins that will help you feel better.

4. Sign out of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: Social media has done many positive things but there is a dark side. When you're having a bad day it's not a good idea to check your social media since everyone posts about their positive things. You can't help but compare yourself to others and, some days, social media is a really bad idea.

5. Take a shower: Shower has a way of washing away negativity. So whenever you are having a bad day, just try and take a quick warm or cold bath. It increases circulation and gets rid of negative energy.

6. Take some alone time: Take a break, go to the beach or for a walk by yourself. You make time for others so why not make time for you?

7. Meditate: Meditation has quite some very good benefit, when you're having a bad day this is always a good idea.

8. Treat yourself: Sometimes you need to treat yourself right, go buy a new dress, cook your best food, look good and enjoy yourself

9. Help out a stranger: Buy food for that homeless man or girl you see everyday in the street, help an old lady cross the street... This will take the focus out of your own problems when you realize there are others that might have it worse.

10. Laugh: Watch something funny on YouTube, read something funny, anything that will make you laugh. Laughter is the best medicine and a day without laughter is a day wasted.

11. Phone a good friend: Phone a good friend who won't allow you to grip about your problems for more than a few minutes before turning the conversation to something far more interesting than what's making you sad. Talking to someone you trust and who cares to guide you toward positive thinking has tremendous value.

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