Six Types Of Acne And Remedy

Acne happens when an oily substance called sebum clogs pores. It can pop up on the face, back, neck, chest or shoulders. Although severe acne can cause permanent scars, it can also damage self esteem. But anyway don't let any acne define who you are. Do what you can to improve and protect your skin. Wondering what kind of acne you got and how to prevent them, this is it;

1. The third eye/blackhead/stress acne: This type of acne is usually caused by stress and found around the forehead area. To prevent this, stay hydrated with water.

Remedy - Switch out shampoo if you're suspicious.

2. The witch's mole: Found around the nose. Nose strips prevents further clogging in pores.

Remedy - Avoid salt and exfoliate area.

3. Doom/hormonal acne: This the one on the chin area, caused by hormone imbalance. Either they appear like a clock work every month or they are on chin.

Remedy - Stay stress free, do not eat late in the night.

4. The Marilyn - It's along the cheeks.

Remedy - Apply toothpaste on the affected area, wash make up brushes, change pillow cases often and clean phone devices frequently.

5. Constellations/Nodular /Cyst acne - This type of acne is the one all over the face i.e. large areas of your skin and is usually painful. Although Nodular & Cyst are similar but Cyst  is usually softer.

Remedy - Wash face twice a day. Remove all make up before going to bed. Do see a dermatologist for better treatment.

6. The Major Payne/White head acne - This is a deep and inflamed acne. They are basically a blocked pore with a layer of dead skin over the opening.

Remedy - Reduce swelling with tea tree oil or acne cream but you have to be very patient to deal with this type of acne. Avoid picking on them and stop touching the face regularly. You can also apply a paste of baking soda and few drops of lemon to the spot. And finally, don't use harsh scrub on your skin especially your face.

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