Be Grateful For What You Are Passing Through

So many a times we wonder why we have to go through pain in life, some even think they are cursed. Some ask why they must continue to lead the lives they so desperately want to change, some ask why they have certain problems in life or why they haven't been opportune enough. Truth of the matter is, there is always a message in your pain. The opportunity you have been seeking lies within you. They reside in that ugly situation which comes in an unrecognizable form of problems. 

When we read stories of those who have made a remarkable change in their lives, we find out that the instigation of that change always lied within a big problem. So often many people try to find that spark outside themselves not knowing that it is within. The easiest way to do it is to use your gift of pain and problems to help others.

Pain and problems gives us the potential for training and growth. When we resolve to solve this problem rather than let them weigh us down, we basically enroll ourselves in the University of Life. There are no books and no classes  in the University of Life. You are the student. You must search for the books and classes. It's a personal responsibility. 

You must seek out  whatever you need to solve the problem of your life because you are capable. No excuses! If you desire a change, then it's all up to you. When that realization hits on you, then you have crossed the bridge and from that moment your life has changed.

So I encourage you to be very grateful for what you are passing through because what doesn't kill you make you stronger and stand a little taller. Sometimes it gets difficult to remain positive in our world of today, but if it's up to you which it most certainly is then it's up to you and you alone to change.

Sometimes you go through things and you think you won't ever come out of it but guess what? you're not dead yet! You're a survivor. Keep on pushing even when it hurts, there is a beauty in your becoming. 

Everything you are going through now will surely pass away, it is a process you must pass through for you to come out refined, beautiful and better. You must embrace all of life's pain, it's a tool of self transformation. 

I have known want and struggle and anxiety and despair. I have always had to work beyond the limits of my strength. But I ain't giving up because I stood yesterday, I can stand today. Most people slap away life gift's of problems forgetting that something real good can come out of the bad. 

It's time to start seeing problems far beyond what they appear to be because once you do that, you start to realize that the tools to finding your solution have always lied within you. 

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  1. Very beautiful write up. Keep inspiring!


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