Your Life Is Beautiful

Recently I have been going through a season of transition (positively) and to tell you the truth, I am so loving everything about it. My life may not be going according to how I thought it would be but it's been all good. I do not regret the hardships I have known because it has made me stronger.

This has also made me realize that despite how hard life can be, there are still things that makes it beautiful. When I hear, see or remember these things it makes me feel good and grateful because not many people have the opportunity or get to enjoy these things.

For example; Good health, family, friends, a home, a smile, a laugh, the happiness in the eyes of someone, a kind word whispered to someone who is having a hard time, the joy of seeing a loved one after a long time, a quarrel that ends with an hug, a small favour made for nothing in exchange, a well told joke, the feeling of the water on my head while showering, a friend that wants you to listen an advice her because he or she trusts you.

A light breeze on a hot day, an unexpected or welcome surprise, finding something to say at the right moment, a light breeze on an hot day, starring at the ceiling before falling asleep, a sky full of stars, and that feeling you get after an illness. Watching a movie you loved when you were young and finding out you still like it the joy in passing an exam or getting a good grade, the blessings that comes from being a blessing unto others, e.t.c.

Just open your eyes and see that your life is beautiful. One of the many things I have learned in this life is that no matter how ugly your past has been, it can be made beautiful if you really want it to be. When you don't even see your beauty others do. So do not dwell in the past and do not worry about the future. Everything that is yours will come to you at the perfect time. Your life has a purpose, don't give up yet.

When you start to figure out what you want in life, there will be obstacles because this life is filled with conundrums. It was designed to be part of our living to shape us into our sense of being. It is meant to teach us to thrive the road of life with courage and faith despite the perils in all the dark corners of it.

Even when it's hard to move, take small steps forward especially during your trying times. Believe in yourself and believe in your decisions because we all have our own unique place and destiny. And when you truly love and accept yourself for who you are, when you truly find yourself, you will find your destiny.

So no matter how hard life treats you now, always keep your head up high because beautiful things will happen when God says it's time.

Thanks for reading!

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