Are You Wise or Foolish?

Dear NDB Readers, I apologize for not posting for some time now, I have been quite busy with school work. But I promise to always post something whenever I am less busy. Thanks for the concern! So you may be thinking, what's up with the wise or foolish thing? Well let's find out. Sometimes last week, I recall asking myself why the wise are wise and the foolish are foolish? Note that to be an efficient leader, you must learn how to discern the difference and that was how I decided to make some research and this was what I discovered lately;

1. That both the wise and the foolish have both 24hours a day but there are differences. The wise man creates enough space for important things and focuses on them while the foolish creates space for less important things and procrastinates on the important things.

2. The wise man understands that there are opportunities everywhere, even in the midst of challenges. He/She sees it as an opportunity to grow, improve and be better. While the foolish blames his failures or being poor on others and lack of opportunities. E.g If I read Medicine, I would have been better than this or if I knew this man, I would be rich, e.t.c. He/She expects opportunities to come knocking.

3. Although the wise and the foolish sleep late but the wise man sleeps as a result of carrying out relevant planning, goals to be set, critical thinking and brainstorming. While the foolish sleeps late as a result of giving too much irrelevant activities, chats, discussion and arguments.

4. The wise man is always working hard, always striving, trying new techniques, ideas, innovations, planning for his/her future and how to achieve them. The foolish man is lazy, not ready to pay the price and change, he/she is not ready to pass through stress and doesn't take risk. He/She prefers to work for the rich and get paid.

5. The wise is disciplined and therefore spends money on things that are actually necessary at that point in time. He takes the pain to cut his/her spending so he/she can save for future investment. While the foolish spends carelessly on all he earns. He has little or no plan for saving, not prudent and no time to plan for his/her future.

The difference between the wise and the foolish is not their position, talent or intelligence. The foolish can be an educated illiterate, the foolish can be a business manager, the wise can be a nobody or a somebody, what differentiates them majorly is how they respond to correction and change. It's not enough to have knowledge but wisdom is putting them into practice. So you can now evaluate yourself and answer the question, are you wise or foolish?

Thanks for reading!

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