This Is Why I Think School Is Fun!

Many students find it very difficult to believe that there is actually a good reason to love going to school. Oh yeah! I used to be like that but the good news is that, there is always a good reason for everything. There are a lot of fun and exciting moments that helps one get through the tough times in school. Why do most students cry or suddenly become sad whenever resumption date to school draws near? It's because they have not been able to find those amazing parts of being a student, which I will let you know now and I hope you do well in school with them because I care.

1. It all begins with you: What is your mindset or view about school. Is it positive or negative? Are you one of those people that believes school is a waste of time or a place where students are being suffered, left all alone to their self? Or may be you are just the lazy type that doesn't like attending class, taking down notes or studying? Your view of school has a lot to do with you deriving joy in it.

What you don't love, you won't enjoy.

2. The word student means to study and learn: Isn't it amazing learning new things and knowing how to do them yourself? Of course it is! Learning new things, becoming perfect in things you know nothing about and teaching others too is fun.

3. Friends: This is actually the most joyous moments of being in school. You get to meet different individuals and personalities. You make new friends, share exciting moments, do great things together, snap plenty pictures , record videos of one another, e.t.c. For me, making lasting memories with my friends was the most favorite thing to do, I couldn't just stop and it was so wonderful.

4. Pocket money or up-keep money: This is always an important factor to consider as a student. I remember when I was in high school, each time I'm given money for my up-keep, I will save half of it every month until school closes, and then during summer I will gather up all of my savings and use them to shop for clothes, shoes, small bags,etc. Sometimes I invest with it or use it to get something I have always wanted. It was always something of fun as it made me look forward to getting back to school and start saving again.

5. The cool feeling: There is so much joy in someone walking up to you in school and letting you know how good you look or how much they love your hairstyle, your wristwatch, school bag, AND dressing. It makes me feel so cool. Have you experienced something similar before? Guess you really loved it *winks*. 

So you see, school can be fun if you really know how to plan well and go about it. 

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