Dreading Mondays? This Should Help!

Hello beautiful people, how was the weekend? and hope your Monday is really going on fantastic? did I just hear a NO from someone? *sighs* well I totally agree with you. How can Mondays ever be fantastic? that's absolutely ridiculous to some of you reading this right now. Yea like honestly, Mondays are usually very hectic, stressful, serious, etc. especially if your job is a very big one. It can be pretty sad.

Well I find it quite interesting though, how can we human beings single offhandedly pick up the first working day of the week and criticize it...I mean we complain, murmur and even nag about the poor Monday who is just trying to make us serious and work hard for the job we are being paid to do. Don't get me wrong, I'm also guilty of charging Mondays for all the offenses it commits but let's tell ourselves the truth, MONDAY IS NOT GUILTY. And if only we knew how to deal with Mondays, it will surely treat us right. 

First we need to stop dreading Mondays and making it look like a monster whose plan is to do us bad. Mondays are not that bad. It can be a day of inspiration because it brings out the best in us and gives us a lot of opportunities to make certain choices. So how do we deal with Mondays since it really matters to both students and workers? Below are some few tips to help;
- Do you know that one small positive thought in the morning can actually change your whole Monday, yes it does! Listen, what if you start your week with a mindset of  ''I'm going to make a difference today. I'm going to be a better citizen or a better friend. Today is the best day ever. I'm going to be awesome today.'' I think that will be a powerful concept!

- Do what you love and are passionate about on Mondays. I have a passion that burns bright inside of me to do what I love and it has allowed me to get through things I never thought I could do. If you are doing a job not related to what you are passionate about, you can't be fulfilled which will definitely make Mondays not so nice to you.

- You will need patience, it's the key to conquer any Monday.  

- God + Work = Purpose. I've broken down on a Monday before and also my life has entirely changed on a Monday too. Never trivialize the ability of God to help you when you call on him.

- Treat every Monday like it matters. Coming to work every Monday to try make the world a better place is truly a gift. Value it!

I really do hope this helps a lot of people out there to stop their negative mindsets about Mondays so they can start making the best out of it!

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