Today as I look back over the steps and the choices I have had to make to get me here, it's not too hard to blame myself for the mistakes, set backs and failures that took me off track because I had a part to play in it. But as I take responsibility for my life now, I see where I got it all wrong and although I did do all I could to stand strong but I couldn't do it all alone.

And being in a dark place where I couldn't see, all I felt was like I was being pressed and pushed down from every side, but you helped me see the light in you alone. You redeemed me from the dark, you lighted up my world and though I didn't really trust you all the way, yet you made every crooked path straight for me.

Your appearance brought salvation to my life through embodied grace and in that grace I have faith enough to believe in the impossible because in you, I found strength and guidance. What more can I ask for? You alone will always be the enough the world can never provide for me and just like a song writer sang, I long to love you forever just like you loved me.

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