It’s not always easy living Godly in a world that promotes and accepts the opposite. However, a closer relationship with God is a must have for me this year. He comes first in my life, before love, friends, marriage, personal goals and achievements in life, he remains number one in my life. What profit is it for a man, to gain the world and lose his soul. Nothing on earth is worth taking the place of God in my life. And for all those aspiring to get closer to God this new year, this is your chance for a better beginning.

1. WORSHIP – As simple as it sounds, worshiping God goes a long way in enhancing a closer walk with him. Now I don’t mean playing just music because music is not worship, I mean soaking yourself in deep worship songs, ridding yourself off to give him your all and thereby invoking his presence upon your life. Maintain a life of intense worship, sing in psalms and hymns; it creates an atmosphere for the presence of God to find expression.

2. STUDY THE WORD OF GOD – The word of God is a powerful weapon against the enemy, do not be ignorant of it. The revelation of His word brings light to every dark path in our lives. How is your word level? How many times do you study the word of God? How many Godly books are you reading? It’s easy to think these things don’t matter but i tell you they matter a lot to our spiritual growth. Even the bible said ‘study to show thyself approved’. Let’s not be distracted by the cares of this world that we forget who our Creator is. So get yourself empowered daily by studying books that relates to God’s will for your life and let Him speak to you.

3. CHOOSE YOUR RELATIONSHIPS WISELY – ‘Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are’ sincerely speaking from experience, if your friends don’t share in your views about God, they will surely bring you down. It is important to stratify your life this year, mind the people you give access into your life. Find people who love God, vision carriers, serious minded people and learn from them. Emotions will come into play, yes, you are human…but don’t allow the enemy to use your emotions to keep you motionless. Say no to foolish human relationships because it is very important in your walk with God.

4. A LIFE OF PRAYER – There is no amount of bible study that can substitute for prayer. A popular saying goes this way ‘a prayer less Christian is a powerless Christian’. How can you grow closer to God if you don’t talk to Him often? It’s just like how we try daily to keep in touch with our loved ones, if you want a better relationship with God then you must always keep in touch with Him. Learn to seek him in everything you do, call on Him and He will answer you.

5. SPEND TIME WITH GOD – Give God space through your life, even we humans desire to spend quality time with our loved ones, how much more of God? Right from the Garden of Eden, to His move on this earth, every step was a step closer to us and a step closer to God in us. God wants to be with us, He chose us as His dwelling place, you and I are His. Going into this New Year I pray God revives us again, give us a hunger and a thirst for Him so strong that we cannot help but make space and time for His presence, because nothing else will truly satisfy.