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So excited to start this new blog series with you all, check out my previous post on Positive Words That Work to find out more about this. Today's word for the day is 'IN MY BAG'.

Top definitions:
  • It is the act of being in your own world, focused, being in the zone, on your grind.
  • You on your own shit at the moment, you making things happen.
  • It is a feeling or an expression whether good or bad.

NDB review of the word:
  • The word has to do with just being you, yourself and serious with whatever you are doing.

Examples and meaning:
  • I'm slipping into my bag right now. i.e I'm not in the mood for anybody's business!
  • I got married last week and I've just been in my bag. i.e I have just been in the married zone.
  • My swaggs is crazy in my bag. i.e my swaggs is fresh or my swaggs rocks just the way i want it.
  • I have got an exams coming up, it's time to go in my bag and study. i.e I need to focus on my exams.
Do you have any other meaning for the word or more examples on how to use it? post a comment.

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