Depression - Don't Let It Steal Your Joy!

Depression is a physical, mental and spiritual imbalance. It affects your mind, your body, your actions and self-esteem. You feel worthless, helpless, or guilty without knowing why. You feel restless at night, have trouble sleeping or waking up. You no longer feel any pleasure doing things that you normally do happily. You constantly feel irritable for no reason. You can't even imagine that anything will improve for you. That is just how it feels and believe me it is an illness that needs serious attention both medically, physically and spiritually.

It steals your joy, happiness, confidence and anything good you have ever gathered, established or accomplished. And you may have to treat your body, your mind and soul as a whole in order to feel any better. As far as I am concerned, depression is a spirit and an evil one at that. It has killed teenagers, adults and successful people as well. You may look sound on the outside but slowly you are rotting away inside.

I think to treat this soul-sickness, you have to treat your mind first. Because our thinking shapes who we are and how we feel because our brains responds fast to what's on our mind. I believe that depression is a problem of negative reaction to our situations or circumstances and to tackle it, we must start from the inside. You will need to learn how to maintain a positive and Godly attitude towards this disorder.

The secret is refocusing your mind on the positive i.e taking your mind off that which is depressing you and putting it on that which makes you feel good about yourself. There is what we call 'Laws of Attraction' and our mind (the conscious and sub-conscious mind) are like magnets, they draw towards us what we think about, whether sorrow or joy, evil or good.

"You can't attract what you don't think about" -Naomi Destiny.

If depression comes knocking at your door like it did to me last week, you can push him or her out by:

•Meditating on all the good things God has done for you and given you. If he hasn't given you any good thing, at least reading this post is a very good thing. Always remember that when we allow His perfect love to flood our hearts, fear and other negative, depressive thoughts won't find a place to stay in us.

•Record your joys. This attitude of keeping a gratitude journal or a list of joys is a very good thing and it can as well increase your energy and relieve you of pain. I went through my 2015 gratitude journal yesterday and I was amazed of all the incredible and joyful moments I had experienced.

•Avoid too much sugar. Studies have shown that a diet that is low in carbohydrate, high in fat & sugar can improve symptoms of depression. Exercise, eat well and stay healthy.

•Pray. Prayer and meditation are two different things. Prayer is a chat session with God, while meditation is a mental/health exercise that keeps you in the present while you breathe or think. Don't allow depression take away what you deserve. Pray and fight for your inner peace.

Finally, the journey of life is not easy but can be made easy and though many times it gets hard, your body will eventually get tired and your mind will become exhausted but you must keep pushing forward. Don't give up, you can break this chain. You are stronger than depression!

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