The Bread Seller Story Made Me Believe In The Ordinary Nigerian

It's no longer news that two weeks ago, a 27 year old woman by the name Olajumoke Orisaguna who happened to be a bread seller in the streets of Lagos Nigeria turned into a quick star and top model for Few Model Management after photobombing TY Bello photo shoot for Tinie Tempah.  I.G: @tybello @tiniegram @olajumoke__o @fewmodels. Read full story via this link: TY Bello Featured on CNN

Olajumoke who thereafter got on the cover of This Day Style and later was interviewed by CNN TY Bello's Interview with CNN ,and later signed an ambassadorial or campaign deal for PayPorte two days ago ,and now a motivational speaker for The Play Forum(Political Leadership Among Youths) which is coming up on the 20th of February at Transcorp Hilton, Abuja. She is definitely on her pathway to success as she receives different support to move forward. It is really amazing!

Her story has inspired so many people around the world even in India and it has really brought so much hope and believe to me especially and several others that 'DREAMS DO COME TRUE' regardless of who you are. ''Everyone connected with the story because everybody has dreams,'' argues Bello. ''This is a very tough time in my country...Everyone is looking for that magical break...I think this is definitely divine because the way people have connected with it is just  phenomenal. It is a phenomenal story.''

The Nigerian elites in general, seem to harbor disdain and contempt for the ordinary Nigerian. They are looked down upon, neglected, and left to just walk through life managing and patching things up in order to navigate as best as they can until fate happens. Olajumoke's story got me thinking that although there is a disconnect between the ordinary people and the elites in Nigeria, there is still a little bit of hope for the hopeless. And if people can walk through the doorway of success and not shut the door right behind them but open it up for an opportunity to reach out to others, then life will be made better for the common man.

I remember asking myself a rhetorical question sometimes ago, how can I make it an extra ordinary and contemporary world? Do I wait for good things to happen or do I go out and make it happen? I really don't believe in luck and wouldn't call Olajumoke lucky but let me put it that it was her time to shine and when it is your time, nobody can stop you. This bread seller went out to make things happen for herself despite the fact that she is a mother of two children, she knew she had to survive and I really admire that strong part of her.

The ordinary Nigerian fetches water from a well or borehole for domestic use because pipe borne water is a mirage to them. The ordinary Nigerian may not even be able to afford quality education or basic health services. The ordinary Nigerian is a hustler and struggles hard to provide for themselves and their family. The ordinary Nigerian is strong, bold and courageous despite the fears surrounding them. The ordinary Nigerian is greatly inspiring and if Olajumoke could make it, we can all make it. I believe in us!

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