Are you a boring person? Here are the signs!

If you possess at least five of these characteristics, then it's a clear sign that you are a boring person. All you need is a little change and some kind of adventurous spirit. You can start right now by doing something productive or interesting that will change your life. Learn to live life to the fullest!

  • Boring people can't make others laugh. They have no sense of humor at all, they lack it big time.
  • Boring people do the same things over and over again. They don't have an interesting schedule, it is the same routine always.
  • Boring people don't have an opinion. Ask them what they want to eat and they say...well anything! They are so unbalanced that they don't even have their own personal opinion, people get to decide for them almost all the time.
  • Boring people can be selfish. They always talk about themselves because obviously they have nothing exciting to share, so it's always about them.
  • Boring people love being lonely and staying indoors most of the time. They never get to experience or live life well.

  • Boring people are always so serious and rigid. Even while sleeping or eating, you can see how uptight they tend to look, they are the difficult ones...some can't even smile. 
  • Boring people don't like meeting new people. They surround themselves and hang out with the same set of people like forever, they don't like to try new things or see new places.
  •  Boring people feel insecure about themselves most of the times. This can be as a result of depression and low self-esteem because they have refused to relate with other people.
  • Boring people work mostly all the time. They always want to be found doing something, they rarely have hobbies.
  • Boring people lack passion. They live life haphazardly, they pursue nothing, they complain a lot and they don't have goals. I like to use the word shadow boxing.

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