Basics Of Personal Financial Management

These basics will help you kick start your journey towards personal financial management.

1. Avoid gambling - Avoid anything called gambling, it can be very dangerous no matter how good it appears to be.

2. Budget - Create a well detailed written budget for any thing you will be spending money on. It helps you avoid wasting money on unnecessary things and keeps you disciplined and well organized.

3. Apply the ten seconds rule - Whenever you want to make a purchase, stop for ten seconds and ask yourself if it's really worth it and necessary. Is it really something you want to spend your money on? Do you really need it?

4. Invest and learn to save - What are you spending your money on? Will it yield any profit for you in the future? May be you should put a certain amount into an account and forget it for a relative period of time.

5. Work towards your passion - Whatever gifts or talents you have, it's important you move and work towards it. It yields better result financially.

6. Spend less than you earn - Extravagance may not work for you. Don't live above your standard, I'm not saying you should make yourself miserable but I'm saying cut your coat according to your size. If you must spend more, earn more.

7. Pay off your debts - This is very crucial because if you are the kind of person that loves buying things on credit, you may never know how to manage your money well. Live a debt free life.

8. Build an emergency fund account - This is an account used to set aside funds to be used in cases of emergency or an unplanned situation, such as an illness, loss of job, natural disaster or something urgent.

9. Set financial goals - What do you hope to achieve financially at the end of this quarter? Things like these keeps you motivated and helps you stay on top of your game as you wouldn't want to disappoint yourself.

10. Manage your time, manage your cash - Time is money, use it wisely and effectively.

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