Jesus Found Me || My Love Story

Once upon a time in my life, I thought there was nothing called perfect love although I wanted it so badly because growing up I had seen a lot of things gone wrong and I really had fears. I had always wanted to fill that void in my heart, something beyond the extra ordinary…something that will last me for a life time.

Then I started to search everywhere and everything for anything possible that could satisfy me, I found nothing. But something happened while I searched, I stumbled into the dark because I was without light. Well I thought I was doing the right thing, I mean when you lost something you go look for it right? Yea…I thought I was wise in my own eyes but you won't believe what happened to me in that darkness.

Instead of finding what I was looking for, I found the wrong things. Things like heaviness, low self esteem, pain, heart break, loneliness, depression, and an unsound mind. Believe me I was without void and so empty that I started to lose hope, I felt like my life was an accident but little did I know God had a plan for my life.

Then suddenly, hope came like the sun shining forth as light piercing through what I was going through at that point in my life, that light shinned so bright on me and changed my whole life entirely. In that light I met my prince charming, the Prince of Peace.

You know sometimes the things you want most doesn't happen and sometimes the things you never expected happens. You meet thousands of people and none of them really touches you and then you meet someone special and your life is changed forever.

That was what happened to me and I really don't know much about this life but I know I have met that special someone who made me see the light, so no more stumbling around. Someone who loved me at my darkest hour, He loved me when I didn't even love myself, He loved me when there was no one there for me. He became a good father to me and a loving mother always by my side.

He was so passionate about me that he gave up his life for me. He paid it all and said that I'm free. I can't finish explaining it because He has been my everything. It's just too much, i thought it only happens in the movies but look what He did for me…see how He changed me, my life is absolutely better with Him in it.

I have searched for love in wrong and hopeless places but Jesus drowned my fears in perfect love. I was so lost until you came…you unraveled me with a melody. Your love surrounded me when my thoughts waged war. Your love came down and rescued me. Your love came down to set me free.

What a love! What a love! What a love! A love so selfless and unconditional…love like a movie! Jesus is love! His love found me and that will always be more than enough for me, nothing is going to ever take your love away from my heart. You are now my everything and the definition of my life is incomplete without you.

Friends Jesus loves you, please let him love you!

Happy Easter Guys!

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