10 Self Improvement Tips

I believe that every serious person should at one point in his or her life focus on self improvement because we all are not in any way perfect and regardless of how you feel about your life right now, life can be better for you if you decide to make some changes. So here are basically 10 tips that helped me when I wanted to improve myself generally in life and I really hope it helps you too;

1.      Love Yourself: Honestly this may seem hard at first especially if there is a specific way you had plan your life to be but how foolish it will be to keep comparing your life with someone else. For God sake you and the person were not born the same time even if it's the same day, you need to first of all accept that fact. You mustn't look like Beyonce or sing like her to know you can sing, you are not your Brazilian or Peruvian hair and you can never look just like Michael Jackson. If God wanted you to look like him he would have made you his twin-brother, just deal with it. When I mastered the act of loving myself it helped me recognize a lot of things, what special gifts and talent I had on my inside because we all are unique in our own way. So guys if you really desire self improvement, loving yourself and accepting yourself for who you are will help you go a long way.

2.      Surround yourself with positive people: It matters a lot who you associate yourself with in any phase of yourself. You can’t be around jerk and expect to be different from a jerk, it’s important you stratify your life and choose who you want to be in it.  To be successful in life, you have to get close to those who are already making it in life and understand how they are doing it. You need people in your life that is going in your sense of direction, that’s why you need vision. Stop wasting your time with people who don’t matter but surround yourself with inspiring and motivating people who will contribute positively to your life.

3.      Deal with negative thoughts and emotions: I used to have mood swings and believe me it was never a good thing; it steals away your joy and leaves you feeling hydrated. I am not saying you won’t have down and low moments but I am saying you should learn how to control it. Negative thoughts are not to be entertained in your mind, learn how to put them away by renewing your mind with good stuffs. So someone said something nasty about you, brush it off and don’t let it get to you. The way you think determines how far you rise in life, if you think you are small then you are small. Whatever you think you are so you are.

4.      Be thankful: Life is not that hard, if you feel your life is a mess there is someone in a much worse situation than you. If you don’t thank God for where you are now presently, how do you expect to be where you want to be? In whatever circumstances you find yourself, always be very grateful. Gratitude paves way for more, stay thankful and live a life of gratitude any day any time.

5.      Meditate: Prayer is always the key to get through life successfully. It helped me a lot because most times no one truly understands me but whenever I get on my knees to pray and meditate, I find strength and courage to face life even better. It helps me clear my head, gives me inspiration and helps me strategize well for come what may.

6.      Set goals and be specific about it: Visualize your future plans, write them down and make sure it’s attainable, realistic and timely. I used to set weekly goals and struggle so hard to achieve them, I also have my 5-10 years goals penned down. It helps me focus on my focus and gives me something to always work towards. "Goals are dreams with deadline" - Anonymous

7.      Create your personal affirmations and daily confessions: If you want to be something always say it and affirm it to yourself, repetition is a master key. For example; I AM LOVED, I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM GREAT, I DO ALL THINGS WELL, I EXCEL GREATLY, I AM A DAUGHTER TO A KING, I AM THE BEST, I AM HIGHLY FAVOURED, etc. When I created mine, I put it on the wall of my bedroom and repeat it morning and night, it enabled me gain Godfidence and confidence in myself.

8.      Stay Strong: It is often said that when life gives you lemonades, make lemons out of it. Sometimes life can seem hard, you may fail or experience quite a number of challenges in what you may be pursuing but you will have to keep pushing through because you can’t just give up. It doesn’t matter how many times life kicks you down, hold on no matter how hard it seems. All the things you are going through is all part of your building up process, if you stand strong and fight harder perhaps your testimony might just be around the corner.

9.      Face your fears: Fear is a very bad thing and when I was very young my father would always tell me FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. This means that FEAR is not REAL, whatever you are afraid of doesn’t exist. You need to grow beyond your obstacles or failures and move on. If you keep looking back afraid to go forward, how do you expect to arrive in the front? Keep moving dear; sooner or later you will be in the place of your dreams. Always remember that you can be anything you want to be in this life, do not be afraid.

10.  Eat well: What you eat affects your mood and physical outlook. If you eat well you look good and experience great support from your body system but if you don’t eat well your skin may break out, you can break down or not function properly. So avoid bad eating habits like night noshing, skipping breakfast, eating many junks and eating too fast. Try to take more water, fruits, vegetables and low sugar foods.

Which one of these helpful tips are you starting with and which other one do you think should be included? Let me know in the comment box below!
Thank you for reading…xoxo!!!

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