22 Things I've learned At 22

In light of the 22nd year of my life, here are 22 things I've learned turning older this year. I haven't lived long enough to know so much about this life but that which I have learned, I do hope it inspires someone...

1. Things don't just happen like that, the realm of the spirit controls the physical. When people see results, they don't know the kind of hard work and effort put in behind the scene.

2. Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful. Sometimes I get caught up at doing something perfectly well in my head that I don't even want to do it again because I'm scared it won't be perfect the way I want it to be but I've come to understand that nobody is perfect, I myself I'm not a perfect human being.

3. To be really successful at anything, consistency and patience is key. You just have to keep planting seeds daily and patiently wait for them to grow.

4. When I was much younger I always said I wanted to be a doctor because that was what seemed right to become to the world but now that I am older I would say, I want to become the woman God created me to be because I think that's all that matters to me right now. Degrees would retire but a life lived on purpose lives on.

5. If God places a vision for your life in your heart, why wait for man's approval first? he showed it to you and not them. It doesn't matter what they think, make sure you go after it.

6. At a certain time in my life, I thought I was being rejected from something good but unknown to me I was redirected towards something much more better. Sometimes life doesn't give us what we want but it's good you know everything is working out for your good.

7. In as much as I dislike ignorance and work towards improving myself daily but I have also come to understand that I cannot know it all. There are people who have passed through what I'm going through, it can't be foolish to humble myself and learn from them, invest in my future, have mentors in several fields, gain knowledge and access to resources that will help me fulfill destiny. It will even speed up my progress.

8. Surround yourself with people who genuinely loves you, people who positively support your dream, people who can go all the way for you, people who just let you shine your shine without thinking it will affect theirs.

9. Friendships can be seasonal, while some can last you for a lifetime. Don't force it when those seasonal ones are over. Let it go!

10. Everything else in this world may fail you but God will never fail or forsake you. Fear him and keep him first!

11. If there is anything you should do more in your single life, it is to be busy improving yourself, discover and develop God's purpose for you, learn to do life with God before you can do it with somebody else.

12. To be a woman isn't just about your hair, the clothes you put on, your accessories, or facial beauty alone. The term womanhood is an extraordinary word, it takes more than just being a princess dressed up like Cinderella, it takes being queen. A queen who knows her worth.

13. I have had to give up who I used to be to become who I am called to be. Stop holding on to your past life, God's plans are far better than anything you could ever dream of.

14. Be kind to people. I never know what battle they are going through secretly. Don't over expect things from them, learn to totally depend on God because everybody is passing through one thing or the other to even notice whether you are doing okay or not.

15. Not everyone is going to like you, so never let their opinion of you define who you are or your self worth.

16. If nobody else believes in you, believe in yourself for yourself. No matter what they say or how hard things may seem, keep going...trust that because you got the ability of God, nothing is impossible to achieve.

17. No matter how many things I hope to become or aspire to achieve in life, one thing is sure...I can't do it without Jesus Christ. In him alone I find fulfillment!

18. Sometimes we get too comfortable at where we are at the moment, that we fail to realize there is more out there for us than what we are holding unto right now. As hard as it may seem, a time came when i just had to push away my comfort zone and let go of my fears cos I knew there was something more.

19. I learnt so much about process this year, I understood that there is a season for everything and it is wise to take my life step by step instead of rushing it so i can give birth to what I'm carrying on the inside safe and sound in due season.

20. Living a life of impact, a life that touches others, a life that inspires people to become all they can be, a life that loves and values people, a life that is a blessing to others, a life that improves or betters the life of someone, a life lived for God is a life that is truly lived well.

21. I've learned to stop worrying too much but rather take a deep breath and live. Life can be crazy sometimes, and there may be many unanswered questions. Worry will just strip today of my joy!

22. It's okay to have big dreams and pursue them vividly, it's okay to be so ambitious cos you're a goal-getter, it's even okay to be a workaholic simply because you want to achieve more in life but it's certainly not okay to sacrifice your health in order to be successful at something or make money. Life is too fragile and the real wealth is health, your body needs you...take care of it.

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