A Grateful Heart

My God, you have given so much to me, 
You have been my ever present help,
You have done great and marvelous things for me.
You favored me beyond human comprehension,
You kept me safe in deep waters,
You loved me even at my darkest hour,
It was your love that surrounded me when my thoughts waged war.
Your presence is heaven on earth to me,
Your love is sweeter than wine,
You have shined your light on me,
You have made me who I am today,
You have taken over me. How can I not love you?

You called me a child of destiny right from my mother's womb,
You called me daughter even when I didn't know you as a father,
You brought me out into a spacious space.
You rescued me from darkness,
You made me see the light,
All because you delighted in me.
In everything, you never failed me,
Your love is proud to be seen within me,
Lord, It's me and you forever.

You saw treasures in a jar of clay,
And you beautified it for your glory,
Your plans for me are far better than anything I have ever came up with.
You called me into a life of endless possibilities and abundance,
You are establishing me gloriously,
Everywhere I have been to, you made me an open heaven,
You are my all in one at the same time.
You have been beyond amazing,
And your praise will ever be on my lips,
Not thankful when it pleases me,
But such a grateful heart whose pulse may be thy praise.
Because today, tomorrow and all the days of my appointed time will I serve and worship you, will I live my life for your glory.


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