NDB Word For The Day || PALINOIA

Have you ever just found yourself obsessed about doing something you love unconsciously or consciously? you just can't sleep, you can't eat, you can't even get by in a day without attempting to know more about that thing. You make research, you take tutorials, you pay huge amount of money to learn it, you even take online courses just to perfectly master that which is laid on your heart? Yes you are not alone!

NDB thinks you may be suffering from the word called PALINOIA...Lol! I think that's a very good think to suffer from in my own opinion. PALINOIA is a Greek word pronounced 'pa-li-'noy-a', it is the compulsion to repeat things till they are perfect or mastered. For example, Artistes can practice and practice a particular song until they can play the piece in their sleep.

How to use PALINOIA in a sentence;
  • Jerry I think you need help, you have palinoia.
  • That New York best selling book gives me palinoia.
  • I need palinoia before getting out there to show them what I can offer. 
Stay blessed:)

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