New Beginings || January 2017

"Life's winners accept that in trying, they may have to adjust and even start again and again." -Bill Fitzpatrick

Happy New Year friends!!! Sure you all are doing just fine. I believe most of you already have your 2017 figured out and planned already, while so many may have even gone about telling everyone their new year goals, new year resolutions, new year new me, this and that, etc. While there is nothing so wrong with doing all of that, it's with keen interest that I draw our attention to the fact that it is a new year and a new beginning for us all. We all have to be ready to adjust and if need be start again in all that we hope to achieve this year.

So what are New Beginnings? It is putting an end to an undesirable event and introducing constructive changes that should lead to better results in whatever area of life you may have failed. From the book of Genesis chapter one, we see that everything in this world had to be created even though the earth was without form and void. God had to create something that was new to bring back life to that which was dead. Every new level of your life will definitely demand a new you and just like you might have heard before, you can't keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect to see changes. You have to reconstruct, re-strategize, and even renew your mind to get a different result.

"The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycamores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars". Isaiah 9:10

If you know what a sycamore tree is, it's an average height tree, very soft, has little strength, grows very fast to give a beautiful large, rounded shape, but the cedar is a very tall evergreen tree which has been prized for it's high quality timber, oils and resins for thousand of years, it's usually very strong and mighty in stature. So imagine you replacing sycamore trees with cedars, isn't that beautiful and interesting? Doing such is really a huge thing to do. But that has taught me the importance of creating new beginnings, not dwelling much on the past but focusing much more on the present.

So just in case you have buried your future in past disappointments, failures, and mistakes, 2017 is a year for you to create new beginnings. Your life may appear dead now but God is saying to you, awake my child, it's not over with you yet. If the spirit of God could move over the formless and without void earth, searching out what could be done to make something new and better out of an hopeless seeming situation, then you too can start again from somewhere, create a new beginning of success, advancement, happiness, joy, and wealth that will hit great things for you. How to start?

  • Accept responsibility: Accept responsibility for your success or failure in life, you need to stop blaming people and complaining every time. "If I succeed, it's my fault and if I fail it is my fault." - Fedrick Price
  • Stop wasting time: Anyone who desires a new beginning must kill procrastination and stop waiting for things to happen in a certain way first. You have wasted too much time already, start something.You need to create the change that you desire and take necessary steps and actions about it.
  • Don't leave God behind: Your life is meaningless without God, because until He stepped in, there was never a beginning in this world. The new beginning that you so desire is only guaranteed if you put God first in your life. "When you make God your beginning, you never lack a colorful destiny." - Bishop David Abioye
  • Have a vision: Vision gives purpose and direction to life. "A visionary is a man with a dream, a burning desire to fulfill God's purpose for his life and his generation. He is one who appreciates the past, lives in the present, but thinks in the future". - George Barna
    "Until you see something worth pursuing, you can never be able to create a new beginning." - Bishop David Abioye
  • Bring out God's gift in you: God has deposited something in you to help you create new beginnings. Everyone of us is fashioned for something. It's up to you to discover that gift and give yourself totally to it.
  • Be committed and consistent: Nobody begins a thing without being committed to it's progress and advancement. Someone can invest in your life but no one can produce result from it but you, you have to work things out yourself and be consistent at it to achieve something meaningful and worthwhile.
  • Get Wisdom: The bible said my people perish for lack of wisdom, the real asset you will ever purchase this year is to get wisdom because that's just the principal thing. Gather your resources internally and externally, look for people with the kind of results you desire and learn greatly from them.
  • Believe in Yourself: You have the spirit of God, you can do all things. See yourself as God sees you. Be your number one fan, not because you have it all but because no one else is you. "Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think any thing as of ourselves, but our sufficiency is of God". 2corin.3:5
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