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Hello NDB Readers! How did your week go? So I recently became a vegetarian and everybody has been telling me this and that about it. While some took what I said seriously, others think I'm still a joker. Well part of my new year goals was to become a 100% vegetarian by the end of 2017. Though I am in between 50/70 now but as time goes, I hope to fully turn in. Some of you may ask, why vegetarian? well these are some of my reasons and I'm sure those interested in becoming one will find it useful.
  • Vegetarians are seen as one of the healthiest set of people on this planet
  • They live a disciplined healthy lifestyle
  • It's been proven they live longer
  • Their skin is always glowing
  • They don't like to hurt animals

A true vegetarian (vegan) is someone who does not eat meat (I.e animal flesh or products), fish, eggs, and diary products. However there are different types of vegetarians;
  1. Lacto-vegetarian: They don't eat meat, fish, eggs or chicken but they include diary products.
  2. Ovo-vegetarian: They eat eggs but won't eat meat, fish, poultry, or diary  products.
  3. Lacto-ovo Vegetarian: They eat both eggs, cheese and diary products but not fish or meat.
  4. Vegans: They don't eat any animal produce or diary products, they eliminate fish, meat, chicken, eggs, diary, or honey in their diet for the rest of their life. They only eat plant based foods.
  5. Pesca-vegetarian (Pescetarian): They eat fish, eggs, diary products, and seafoods but won't eat chicken and meat.
  6. Pollo-vegetarian (Pollotarian): They don't eat meat, fish, or seafood, they only eat poultry, fowl, eggs, diary.
  7. Flexitarian: They are referred to as 'semi-vegetarian' because they eat meat or fish once in a while but they avoid poultry food from time to time.

Aside all this, what really made me turn into a vegetarian was based on the fact that I don't like eating much, I don't like to eat meat, I wanted to start eating right and healthy, I literally preferred water over drinks, and I love soya foods, peas, and vegetables. And basically I made up my mind about it when sometimes last year around December or early this year, I had food poisoning which almost took my life and I was blaming God for not protecting me. Then He was like, "Haven't I told you that your body is the temple of my spirit and if you really want me to live longer in there, you got to take care of the inside more than you take care of the outside (I Corinthians 6:19-20). Because you can't fulfill destiny with an unhealthy body and spirit, they need to be sound and I’ve given and provided you with all you need for that."

And so I thought why don't I just turn into a vegetarian, although I still eat fish, eggs, and diary products which makes me a 'Pescetarian' (Jesus lived the pescetarian lifestyle too) but I'm gradually turning into a 'Vegan' pretty soon (Daniel in the bible was a vegetarian...yes...Daniel 1:8-16). I know people criticize Vegetarians a whole lot especially when you are out trying to eat at a restaurant and you are like 'I don't eat this or that' but I honestly don't care. At least we are trying to save the planet and the animals who live in it...Lol!

So next time you see me somewhere around, please don't offer me meat or chicken, don't even bother offering me a sugary drink, a bottle of water will just do and if I'm at your house and you don't know what to cook for me, please pasta and carrot sauce will just be fine...Lol! And if you are aware of any Vegetarian food recipes, please kindly share with a sister. Thank you!!!

P.S - I'm not trying to convince anyone to join the Vegetarian train, whatever you decide to eat is acceptable so long as you are guided and it's healthy for you.

xx- Naomi Destiny

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