Let's Talk || Why Are Men So Lazy?

Why are men so lazy? That was the exclamation of a pregnant woman at my office the other day and I thought so much about it, Are men really lazy? Well I'm not married, would have asked my husband, so I'm asking you guys? Are men really that lazy? But first of all, I think we all need to understand the meaning of the word before we begin to jump into conclusions. The word LAZY can mean dependent, wasteful, irresponsible, complacent, unimpressive, and undisciplined.

I like to think that this Y chromosone generation are real men but when I remember our fore fathers and all they went through to become who they were without the help of technology, feeding their family, raising future leaders, it's nothing even compared to what the men of our today can do. I hear of heroes and legends raised in the 18th, 19th, and 20th century but i hear of none or rather few in the 21st century. Look at our youths today, all they are interested in is how to make money, hang out with cool or the baddest people, flex and chill. Nothing so wrong doing all of that they say but it's all about attitude and character some others may say, or rather in this case, having non challant attitudes towards their future and lack of character. 

Yes, technology now has it's full bad effect on many; we want everything right now, if we want food we order it online and have it delivered to our bedrooms, if we want a cup of coffee our secretaries makes it for us, if we want to listen to our favourite song, we watch it on iTunes or find it on youtube, if we want to have a good time, we club till dawn or do drugs. Things are so easy for us right now, so why won't we not be bothered about valuing them. We are always thinking of where next to go or what next event to attend in order not to become bored. We do nothing with our talents, gifts, and resources, some don't even know their purpose in life but yet they change girls like interchangeable commodities. I do believe such men are still hoping one day to fall in love and settle down, yet none of them will change their way of thinking or living. And it's so sad because most good women settle for such kind of men like they don't have a choice. But I hope to see a world less of these weaklings, these characterless, hopeless pseudo type of men.

A man who dishonours himself will eventually dishonour others. (Proverbs 18:9)

Real men are not selfish, real men don't abuse women, real men are not complacent, real men are not irresponsible, real men have a sense of character and a positive attitude. Real men are hardworking, they fend for their family, real men are not dependent on others, real men value their relationships, real men have respect for women. Real men have intelligent and intellectual conversations with people, they don't talk rudelessly, they dress well, they conduct themselves in an orderly and truthful manner, they think before they speak, they are honest, sincere, and true, they don't hit women. Real men love God and encourage others to do the same. Real men possesses a good spirit not just on the outside but on the inside as well. Real men are great leaders.

Ladies...real men still exist; they aren't many of them but there are still some good ones out there. Wait for the one! One of the most frustrating challenge in marriage is when one spouse is doing majority of the work and the other seems content being lazy. But come to think about it, without any form of understanding, without motivation, without purpose, what other reason does a man have to do anything for you at all? If you don't know who you are, you give the man the right to treat you anyhow. Well I'm not just writing about men, I'm writing to the women too because we are all so guilty and we need to really...like seriously wake up. But some men are actually lazy tho...very very lazy...Lol! Okay bye!


  1. This is so awesome, Naomi. The environment and society has indeed changed the lifestyle and culture that men were known for. The society wants you to hit it fast /blow so we all can enjoy it. That's why most men don't value integrity, discipline and hard work.

    I remembered seduced by a lady and I told a couple of colleagues that I can't make my self a loaf of bread to fall into such a sin. They laughed me, saying I'm a fool.
    Naomi, real men still exist, it goes beyond denomination, occupation but what you stand for and you are always conscious to stand for it at all time.
    Thank you for this piece.
    Amadi Francis C.

    1. Very well said Amadi, good to know you stand for this as a real man that you are. Our generation really needs more of this, it takes us voicing out when we are being given the opportunity. Thanks for stopping by here...


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