Simple Things Every Lady Wants From A Man But May Never Ask For

Are you in love? Are you married or you probably still single, waiting for Mr. Right? I hope your union and relationship wax stronger and for those still waiting for the right one, I pray love will find you soon. Here are a few but random things many ladies would secretly want in a man (thank me later).
  • Good night/Good morning text messages
  • Tell her how much you love her everyday and show it in your actions
  • Respect her opinions, beliefs and contributions
  • Make surprises even if it's a little one
  • Be honest in your dealings with her
  • Pictures taken together so she can show her friends how cute or nice you are
  • Visiting and not coming empty handed, you can bring over her favorites
  • A jacket or shirt with your scent all over it
  • Sincere and lovely compliments when she looks good or dresses well
  • Alone time spent together involving real, deep and honest conversations
  • A good sense of humor
  • Being a perfect gentle man at times
  • God fearing in attitude and behavior
  • A huge sense of responsibility towards her, her dreams, her family and what she loves to do
  • Commitment to demonstrate how serious you are
  • Dress well and neatly
  • Comfort and stand by her side when she is in tears
  • Patience even when she is not getting it right
  • Sing her favorite songs or worship God together with her
  • Don't be selfish, attend events, programs, seminars, concerts or travel with her
Pretty easy and simple right? You see? It doesn't take a lot to please ladies.

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