Building a Successful Routine For a Productive Day At Work

Just the other day my boss at work called me up and with a quiet straight face, he asked me; Naomi, how do you create a successful routine everyday that helps people stay very productive at work? 

Honestly at first I was dumbfounded because I wasn't expecting it, but after thinking for a minute I replied him, and this was what I had to say. Hope you learn a few things!

1. Get quality sleep the night before: To be honest I can't really say, I go to bed early all of the time because there are a whole lot of things I do and I have to stay up late to work on my own dreams, since that's the only free time I get but I certainly do make up for any left over sleep I accumulated. Getting quality seep is one of the most successful routine anyone can build to stay very productive, your body needs rest after a very long, stressful and busy day.

2. Have a positive morning routine: One that let's you meditate, relax your nerves and reminds you of how awesome you are or can be. Once you are wide awake, make sure you take a deep breath, pray and meditate on how blessed you are, affirm yourself, make positive declarations and confessions, exercise if you can, take a bottle of water, and eat breakfast early enough.

3. Set Goals for the day: I cannot over emphasize the importance of goal setting but research shows that having concrete goals is correlated with huge increases in confidence and feelings of control. Set specific and achievable goals that is necessary and attainable.

4. Have a planner, diary or a reminder app on your phone: While some prefer jotting down their ideas in a well organized planner, some prefer having an app on their phone that makes it easier for them to remember all their events, meetings and dates. A small sized pocket diary would also fit perfectly fine for others. Just figure out which one best suits your lifestyle and you are good to go any day any time.

5. Learn to say no: My boss was shocked when I said this at first but honestly it made a very good point. When I first started working, other units/department would bring their work to my table and expect me to do it for them while I had a whole lot on my table too but because I was termed 'hardworking' and I didn't want to be looked at in a bad way, so I would just accept to do it for them. But I soon realized if I keep accepting every work that comes to my table like that all in the name of being nice, I will end up stressed, bitter and less productive each day. So I learnt to say no! No is a powerful word that will go a long way in protecting you from being unproductive. In fact, saying no to some commitment honors your existing commitments and gives you the opportunity to successfully fulfill them when you have achieved your goals for the day.

Finally, I would say a good routine with good habits provides you with structure and discipline, it keeps you organized and gives you a sense of stability and direction. 

It all starts with making the right kind of choices and decisions, then sticking closely by it. You don’t have to wait for the right time or be perfect to do these things, you just have to start small and grow with it.

Hope you have a productive week!

With love,

Naomi Destiny


  1. I agree with all the points made and I think no. 5 should be taken really seriously cos most times people just think they can dumb their work on you...that thing just kills my spirit. Thanks for sharing Naomi and what an awesome presentation you made.

    1. I agree with you too! Thanks for reading Sheila


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