How to Stay Productive Everyday

Have you ever felt like you are trying so hard to get your life together but it's not just working? Do you feel something demands your focus and attention but you are not giving it all it takes? Don't worry we all fight battles everyday but one thing for sure we will always overcome come what may. So over the weekend I came up with five (5) helpful tips to help you stay productive and effective as you run your day to day activities, be it at school, at the office, as a business owner, blogger or as an entrepreneur. These practical tips have worked for me and I am sure it can help anyone too.

  • Planning: I keep a small note book where I journal everything I want to do during the week. I make sure the book is always by my side as this forms part of my morning rituals to map out what is important for me to do that day. So I write everything I want to do or get done down and I track what I was able to do and also use it as a guide to evaluate my performance at the end. So get every of your ideas down on paper, plan it out and schedule it. This is where having a planner comes in to help because it makes your work and even life completely easier for you.

  • Do something everyday in line with what you are passionate about: Your job is what you are hired to do, your work is what you are gifted to do. If you spend you entire life working on something you are not passionate about, how do you expect to stay productive? I know you still need your job but make sure as you are working tirelessly to fulfill someone else's dream, you are also doing something about yours daily. If not you will end up unfulfilled and frustrated at the end.

  • Listen to an inspiring message, podcast, or TED talks: TED talks are one of the best ways I pick myself up on a down day. They entertain, enlighten, uplift, and inform you in eighteen minutes or less. I also read my bible, a chapter, a verse or two can help me go a long way during the day 25 Bible verses Every Believer Should know. Needless I say the bible is one of the most inspirational book on this earth, a bible character I love so much in the book is David. David is just everything, he gives me a lot of positive and energetic vibes, my best friend and I were just discussing about him yesterday and how much he inspires us. Audio messages and Podcasts are a good one as well, I make sure I listen to one or two daily, they inspire me and teach me something new everyday. Read twelve (12) of my favorite TED Talks here My Favorite TED Talks.

  • Surround yourself with genuine and positive people: The ones who can help you stay on track with your goals, your own very people who will inspire you and motivate you to be better. People that can support you, hold you accountable and help you not only get yourself together but most importantly, keep yourself and life together. I think this is one of the best ways of staying productive daily, it will make you happy, content, stronger, and fully ready to take on the world. I found out that relationships does really matter and the kind of people you interact with on a daily basis affects your productivity level, so you need to really guard your heart and rent no space for fake people. Even if where you are at the moment doesn't give you the opportunity to stay around people that matter in your life, please try to stay in touch and connected to them. There are several ways of doing that, technology has made life so much easy for us. 

  • Eat right and Rest when possible: A lot of people knock down during the day not just because they are tired but because they are hungry. Imagine working your ass off the entire day without eating something or relaxing a little bit, you give your system nothing to work with so it may as well end up collapsing or not functioning appropriately. I know this sounds totally off for some people but if you are not fasting or performing any food ritual, please why should you choose to suffer your body system. Yea you may think I probably don't understand how busy your day is, and you are trying to tell me you don't have enough the time to eat or rest well. I have been there before and I have learnt better, that's why I am sharing this tips with you. Nobody gets enough time, you just have to understand your body needs you if you really want to stay productive and if you don't take proper care of it, you will pay and suffer for it later. I once didn't have time for food, aside my busy schedule at work, I literally didn't like eating. But I later discovered how fragile life was when I collapsed last year just because my blood level was low as a result of not eating well. I soon found out what worked for me and how to balance my health system with my work which was one of the many reasons I became a vegetarian this year which literally has helped me combine eating healthy with my not so pleasant eating habit. Read full post here What it means to be a vegetarian

The best way to stay productive is to create a system that works best for you and stick to it. Be sure to eliminate distractions and unnecessary interruptions that want to stop you from achieving your goal.

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