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Hello ND Blog readers! Announcement! Announcement! Announcement! As suggested by some of you guys, I have finally decided to start doing different kind of series on the blog which will be inspiring, challenging, and quite interesting. Who else is excited about this? Lol!

Well aside the Sunday vibes episodes I normally do every Sunday on the blog Sunday Vibes Episodes, I will be introducing other kinds of series very soon but for now, the new blog series starting here in March is titled 'The 21st Century Woman' which will be focusing on celebrating and interviewing inspiring and Godly women making diverse difference and impact in the 21st Century. It will be done either online or through short interviews, or simply just saying awesome things about them, what they do, and how far they have come.

This was brought about to honor and mark the celebration of the International Women's Day tomorrow (8th March) and it's going to form one of the major key series on the blog as others (short stories, flash fiction, tales, Q & A segment, visual storytelling, etc.) are yet to unfold. So if I were you I would subscribe by email or click the follow button now so I wouldn't miss any post. But let me first introduce what the 21st Century Woman series is all about:

Several times in my life I have heard commentaries about the irrelevance of women in the building of a society which has quite made it difficult for them to be respected, honored and recognized properly in our world of yesterday and today. I am personally against commentaries, cultures, and doctrines that pay less attention to women because I believe so much that women are an integral part of the society and they deserve to be valued and highly respected no matter where they came from, who they are, their religion, ethnicity or background.

Women are God's precious gift to this world and they are essential tools in the hands of God. When God created the first man (Adam) he discovered that he was not complete without a woman and he created Eve to complete him. Without making one feel inferior to the other, God called upon both the man and the woman to fulfill the roles specifically designed for them.

So this is why I am going to be taking out time once in a month to celebrate those special women in our world today who are extraordinary, who already know their purpose in life and are walking in it to attain greatness. I believe the 21st Century Woman is the Proverbs 31 woman empowered to do several things and much more. I know there are many great women out there doing great things but if you know of any who deserves to be featured or you will like to be a part of this, you can kindly drop suggestions, send me a mail together with your unique story or simply get in touch with me.

We are currently working on interviewing the first woman who will be featured on the series, so do follow up and subscribe because the interview will be published shortly.

Hopefully, it will be a platform to celebrate global minds and learn quite a whole lot from.

Connect with us on IG: @the21stcenturywoman_


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