Sunday Vibes || Why He Loves Us So Much

Hi, friends. Happy Easter! I am so excited about this Easter, can you tell it? You know that feeling you get when you remember you are so loved that someone had to die to prove it. That's true love! By the way have you read My Love Story you can still catch it up and I hope it blesses you. And just in case you are new here (Welcome!!!), Sunday Vibes is a motivational platform for everyone to be encouraged, no matter how good or bad their weekend went. It's also an avenue for sharing positive vibes I.e. where you get to share with other readers an important lesson or principle you learned during the weekend so others can be inspired from it.

And like you guessed right, this weekend is all about the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ who came to pay the penalty for our sins so that we will not perish in Hell but have an everlasting life in Heaven. The beautiful thing about it is that, God has not only made provision of escape from Hell for us but also from the many difficult situations we encounter daily on this Earth. And with tremendous love for each person, God gave us the perfect gift of His precious Son as a means of escape from the consequences of our sins and the sufferings of this world.

"Don't be afraid, I know you are looking for Jesus who was crucified. He is not here! For He has been resurrected just as He said." - Mark 16:6

Let's Pray

Father thank you so much for the gift of salvation and fellowship that you have granted to us through your son Jesus Christ. It's so refreshing and comforting that we have someone who loves us so much despite our mistakes, faults, wrongs and weaknesses. Thank you for that! I pray for those who haven't found you, that you touch their heart right now and wrap them in your enabling grace. I pray for anyone who wants to dedicate or rededicate their life to you, that you help them surrender their all to you now. Please save their soul and let them begin to enjoy the free gift and benefits of salvation. I ask that you give us all the grace to work in love and in alignment with your word everyday in Jesus name. Amen!!!

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