10 Ways To Have An Awesome Weekend

1. State/write out your goals, stick it on your mirror

2. Don't bring office work home

3. Tidy up your room and keep your environment clean, declutter your space

4. Saturate your atmosphere and house with worship songs

5. Grocery shop

4. Prepare/eat a healthy meal, try new recipes too

5. Take some time out for what you are passionate about

6. Find a writer or blogger whose work you really enjoy and spend a few hours just going through all of their archives, until you reach the very end and become profoundly sad that you don’t have anything of theirs left to obsess over

7. Catch up on sleep

8. Visit a new place or try something new

9. Attend a free seminar, event or concert

10. Help someone's life

P.S - All of this can only be applicable depending on No. 1!!! I just did No. 5, what number are you taking? I mean now! Life is too short to not be awesome!!!

Wish you guys an awesome weekend💛💛💛

1 comment

  1. I sure did catch up on some sleep this weekend, I also practiced no. 1, 2 3, 4, & 5. And for no. 6 who else but you! Thank for the positive vibes!


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