May Notes || Taking Stock

Remember the last time I took notes? You can find it here July Notes. So the month is already ending and I am quietly sitting down here in front of my computer screen taking stock of all that had happened in the month of MAY, and you won't believe how faithful God has been to me;

Grateful: I'm finally done with NYSC (National Youth Service Corp), the program required for every graduate below 30 in Nigeria and in case you missed out, I shared my camp experience here My NYSC Camp Experience.

Working On: Strategizing, planning, and building on my business idea 

Planning: On interviewing the next '21st Century Woman' for my New Blog Series

Completing: My photography, editing, and video production course

Reading: A new book I recently bought titled 'Money Won't Make You Rich' by Sunday Adelaja and it's awesome, you should check it out

Learning: I am taking driving lessons next can imagine? At my age???

Understanding and Knowing: How to be a Godly and Courageous Woman  

Watching: Andres Bisonni - The inner life with the Holy Spirit

Listening: To what my parents are saying

Marveling: At the kind of rain that has been falling these days

Playing: New song by Travis Greene - You waited 

Praying: For Nigeria and our leaders

Wondering: Why some people don't fear or love God?

Thinking: About my plans for the week and how far I am going with them

Hoping: For the best

Most memorable experience this month: Errmmm...that would be how God miraculously answered most of my prayer requests.

This month has been pretty good and while I appreciate how far I have come, I am also learning to grow, develop myself in some areas, gain knowledge and counsel from wise people, then move forward and face life without fear and with so much confidence.

How about you guys? How far have you come? 
What productive thing have you done so far? How are you coming up? 
What was May like for you? 
What are you looking forward to in the next month? Let's get talking



  1. I'm loling at your listening! MAY hasn't been that bad for me and I'm hoping for the best as well.

    1. know how it is with parents. And yea...we all do hope for the best. Thanks for reading Tomisin!

  2. I also just completed NYSC. Meaning you were among 2016, Batch A II? Love your blog!

    1. Yea I was! Thanks for the love dear, hope you subscribe and visit more often. And congrats on your successful completion as well!


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