22 Random Facts About Me

Hello friends, we have come a long way and since the blog is expanding with over 16 countries involved and quite a number of subscribers, I thought what better time to get to know a little more about me than now. So here are 22 random facts about me, you'd be surprised what you will find out.

1. I am a twenty something year old lady, I'm quite average in height 😀 and I'm the only child of my parents❤

2. I am an inspirational walking diary🌱, purpose driven, extremely organized, 9 - 5 chick for now, creative Media entrepreneur, passionate dream achiever, results oriented👒 

3. I am completely in love with Jesus, really obsessed about his personality and everything💜

4. Worship is my soul food, In my dreams I often see myself at Hillsong (smiles)🎹🎻🎸 

5. I love books, I love reading them, I love the smell, the feel of them. Mostly inspirational and personal development books cos my whole life is a testimony and things like that inspire me to keep it moving📚 

6. Writing has been my hobby since childhood, I wrote my first book at the age of 16 (it's still unpublished)...but I really hope to walk into a bookshop someday and find most of my books on the main display📝

7. A graduate of Accounting, Alumni of A.B.U. Zaria 💸 (If you're an ABUSITE, say hi!!!)

8. I fell in love with the digital & tech. world...And I've always had this thing for producing contents and the movie industry at large📷📹🎬 (I write scripts too)

9. I love to create things, I love to inspire people around me to be the best they can be, I love to see people do great things, I love to tell inspiring stories, I love to capture beautiful moments too🙌

10. I  love to see the good in people no matter how bad they seem, gotten hurt a lot as a result☺

11. I am a professional stalker👀😂 an under ground secret agent & investigator...holla me if you need my services (just kidding😄)

12. I am team natural hair (2 and a half years going on strong)💇

13. I am Vegan (I eat clean and green), I don't eat sugar as well✅

14. I despise ignorance, I love learning new things📍

15. I am not too much of an outgoing person but I love traveling a lot, I love to explore🌎

16. I am not a foodie but I definitely love a wide variety of dishes...I learn new meals monthly

17. The first time I personally made fried rice, I googled it (it turned out so perfect, my cousin even had to scrape the pot)😀

18. I take tea and bread a lot🍵🍞, my dad teases me about opening a cafeteria or a bakery😂

19. Make up is quite stressful for me😩 but I'm learning some tips and tricks these days

20. One unique thing about me is my loyalty and commitment towards people, once I like you I can go all the way for you😍 But on the other side, I'm a no nonsense person.

21. I am not afraid of the dark, I am not scared of heights👸 And I work really hard, I could go days without sleeping or eating😒

22. It doesn't take a lot to please me, little things touch my soul and makes me happy😄

And there you have it, now I feel like you know so much about me (45%)✅ , so tell me what listed fact here do you like about me? And let's say if you could get to ask me one question, what would it be?

Errrmmmnn...don't go too fast? I'd like to get to know you too! Tell me a random fact about yourself, would you? Please!!!

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  1. Wow...beautiful facts you got there! I love everything, well except for your no. 13 & 21. I mean how do you do it??? I just can't!

    1. Hahaha...Sarah there you go again. I think it all drives back to how determined and passionate you are about what you want to do or achieve.

    2. True talk!!!

  2. We need to pray about that your book oh, the world must hear you. One fact about me is that I've been secretly stalking you (covers face), I just thought you should know since you asked!

  3. I really love how you do your things, you're amazing!


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