Visualization: A Key To Achieveing Your Dreams

Great to see you all in June! I'm so certain it's gonna be a great month for you all and I pray you enjoy diverse breakthroughs, manifestations, favors, promotions, peace, joy and testimonies all round. Amen!

So what plans do you have in mind for the new month? What are your written down goals and expectations? How do you intend achieving them? Okay! May be I'm asking too much questions but this is what my blog channels you into...

To inspire you to live a life of productivity as I continue to share my journey with you all. You may think I'm always optimistic but no offense, I love to see people attain great feats in life, I love to see them do great things, and I love to tell those who don't see the need for it that anything is possible. You can do great things if you decide to take your life seriously.

I have come to realize that in life, you are either chasing after something or something is chasing after you. You are probably wondering what I am talking about but easy, just read on. I am always perturbed when people just allow life to happen to them. I mean, is it now cool to only want to enjoy all of life's benefit without wanting to contribute positively to it, no I don't think so.

Even the sun, moon and stars knows they are not just put up there for show, they are fulfilling the very essence of their existence. And yes...we all have a purpose and we have our roles to play if we must fulfill it. There is always a price to pay for everything, isn't it? You paid for the data you're using to read this online, the internet idea and data consumption is someone elses effort.

What will be your own effort to make the world a better place? If you must achieve that, then you really do have to get serious with your life. No! I don't mean you should beat yourself up about it, I mean you should play your part and let God handle the rest, because success will still remain a mirage to you if you don't take up responsibility and strive for what you ought to be.

So where does visualization come in? And how can it help you?

Visualization means the mental image or the formation of something in your mind. It'd usually the representation of an object, picture or sets of information in order to out something in rememberance. It's an important development and creative tool used by most successful people to birth dreams.

For example, I visualized this post idea in my mind, so I can bring it into existence and I did create it. I remember someone once said, before you can believe in a goal, you must first have an idea of what it looks like. I totally agree because in life, anything achievable begins with a goal and of course, it then takes the enabling power of God, hard work, drive, commitment, and determination to arrive at your supposed destination.

"Anything achievable begins with a goal."

However, visualization does not guarantee one's success but when put together with diligent effort, a strong network of support systems and with the help of God, it does have the power to create the life you desire. 

Two major ways visualization can help you actualize dreams:

1. It helps you see clearly where you are going - your preferred future. Once you can catch a glimpse of the image in your head, pen it down, write it out, draw it, photograph it and hold on to it. Start to see the possibility of it coming through.

I have envisioned myself becoming several things, but I came to realize that only the one I hold onto closely and take seriously, that's the one I always see myself creating. Just like affirmations and confessions which helps you speak things into existence, visualization can help you actualize it.

2. It motivates you, reduces fear or anxiety and prepares you towards your goal. This is not about day dreaming or playing some kind of pranks on your mind. It truly helps! Think of an Athlete, before he runs the race or hear the word GO, he visualizes it first. He sees the end in mind and therefore he becomes so focus, confident and assured that he is going to win. 

Visualization opens our mind to possibilities.

The same goes for anything you want to achieve in life. I challenge you to envision yourself becoming all that you want to be. Envision yourself on your desk in that Job you desire, envision how beautiful your life can be, envision yourself getting that degree, envision yourself buying the property, envision yourself becoming that business mogul, envision birthing every of your ideas to life, etc. Hold on to the image for as long as possible and believe it's possible because once you can see it, you can become it.

Once you can see it, you can become it.

This is one principle that can help you stay focused and motivated especially when you experience any form of challenge or obstacle in life. David in the Bible visualized feeding the carcasses of Goliath to the birds and the wild animals so others may know that there is a God in Israel and that was what happened. So keep your hopes alive! Keep your dreams alive! Keep believing! Anything is possible!

Keep your hopes alive! Keep your dreams alive! Keep believing! Anything is possible!

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  1. Such a timely post, been actually thinking of my goals for this year and we are already 6 months in. I really need to get back on track and I will surely start with Visualization.

    1. Yayyy...glad to know you will be getting back on track. Just in case you need someone to hold you accountable, will be right here. And don't forget to attach a deadline in actualizing the goal!

  2. You are not asking too much oh! Actually some of us really need to step up our game. I personally needed this! Thank you for always inspiring us to be the best version of ourselves! (Been following your blog silently)

    1. Awww...thank you Cynthia. Really nice of you, hope you comment more often.


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