Dear Aspiring Future Husbands & Wives: Are You Working On Yourself?

Several people go about saying things like 'I want to get married to an handsome, tall, fair, God fearing, chocolate, curvy, slim, curly hair, long hair, pink lips, etc.' and in my mind I'm like really? because first thing I do is to look at such a person? Does he or she have the same characteristics he or she is trying to talk about? Of course, who wouldn't want to get married to tall, dark, God fearing, handsome, fair and 6 packs? Lol! 

Don't get me wrong! It's good to desire beautiful things and truth is, we all have our personal interests, characteristics and checklist of what we seceretly desire of our husbands and wives to be but I'll be quick to ask you this question - Are you working on yourself? You keep on saying, my future partner must be this and have that - Are you working on yourself???

Being a good wife or husband starts long before marriage. It's a mindset, a learned habit and a way of life.. - Debi Pearl

What are you doing now as a single person to prepare yourself for your future husband or wive? If you don't know how to take care of a King/Queen or act and look like a Queen/King, what makes you think you deserve a King/Queen?

Lately, I have been working on my self generally and God keeps reminding me not to forget this aspect as well because sincerely a lot of times I do forget and before you know it now, one is married and it's a whole lot than what one bargained for. Now is the time to prepare! Now is the time to make haste while the sun shines!

Marriage is hard work. It's not for children, it takes quite a lot. You will have to die to self and the only 'ME' selfish attitude and habits but the most important thing is to have a solid foundation, one that cannot easily be shaken come what may.

I found out that people prepare for their wedding day more than they prepare for their wedding afterwards and I keep wondering why? Well, people love the attention and fame that comes with it but come to think about it, is that what really matters? Little as to why the number of failed marriages increases daily.

I know it's your wedding and a once in a life time thing😀, yes you can plan and prepare for it the way you like but make sure much more preparations and planning are put into yourselves or building your future home together other than just pleasing people on that main day.

I am not a relationship expert neither am I a counselor but this is just a call to action for every single person out there, make sure you are becoming the very best version of yourself. Your future spouse, children and generation will thank you for it!

For now, I strongly recommend books like these - Preparing to be a help meet and Created to be his help meet by Debi Pearl. They are one of the best relationship books out there! You can as well check out for others! Hope it helps you understand what marriage takes and helps you plan and prepare for what's ahead!

So, what are those things you are doing now that are preparing you for your future spouse? Or if you are already married/engaged, what aided you before you met your special one? What other insightful relationship books have you read? Kindly share your thoughts and contributions  with other readers below.

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  1. Another book I will recommend for aspiring husbands is the POINT MAN by Steve Farrar

    1. Thank you for the recommendation, I love Steve Farrar's book.

  2. You are so right! People love planning the big event and then aren't equipped to keep things from shattering afterward. Great post!

  3. Love this!! After being married for almost 8 years, to my high School sweetheart & 17 years together, I can attest this is great info & so true! Thanks for sharing!

  4. A very good point. Marriage isn't as simple as many think. Marriage takes work.

  5. Awesome Naomi... More grease to your elbow.


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