15 Books I Read That Changed Me

I enjoy reading a lot, especially inspirational and personal development books. And someday, I do hope to have a book or reading club for kids and a bigger library in my home filled with impactful books. I remember my first reading adventure with other kids in my neighborhood, I was only 6 years old but I already had tons of story books that made it quite easy for me to form and develop the habit of reading. It's quite fun!

Entrepreneurship Tools And Qualities For Success

Many of us love to be associated with the word 'Entrepreneur' probably because it sounds cool, but only few understand the sacrifice and hard work that comes with it. I remember how it felt starting my journey as a creative entrepreneur and blogger, it was quite stressful because I had to juggle it with my 9-5 job but what kept me going was passion and the pursuit of purpose.

September || Grow And Become

Happy New Month Friends😊

The past few months has been a period of intensive growth for me. One of which, I have never experienced before in my life. More than before, I have been led in and out of my comfort zone than I ever imagined and though it's not been fun but it's been all fulfilling and terrific.
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