September || Grow And Become

Happy New Month Friends😊

The past few months has been a period of intensive growth for me. One of which, I have never experienced before in my life. More than before, I have been led in and out of my comfort zone than I ever imagined and though it's not been fun but it's been all fulfilling and terrific.

If you are following me on any of my social platforms, you will see how much I have been stretching on this growth, seasons and timing thing. And that's because life is truly a journey, one filled with diverse processes on becoming who you were meant to be.

Growth is an essential tool for productivity.  

Truth is we all have something in us that is capable of launching us to our wealthy place but you won't get there on any platter of gold, you will need to stretch, work hard, focus, be strong and grow through what you are going through in order to become all that you have been created for. What you are going through is preparing you for what lies ahead and I hope you grow, learn, and develop real strength now to manifest all that you desire.

For me, I have grown and learned so much from mentors, friends, colleaugues and other inspiring people. I was able to dare and do the impossible these past months and I would be lying to say it's easy but I must say, it's been worth everything. I am fully growing and constantly developing into the woman I am meant to be and I sincerely owe it to God who is my source of strength.

Trust the process and be patient. You are becoming the best and most powerful version of yourself.

I believe there is so much to come for me and us this September and much more to do on the blog. So, expect great daily dose of inspiration and tips for living productively here and my other social media platforms. And also the much anticipated give away!

Thank you all so much for the support on the journey always! And kindly let me know below what you will be up to and what you had hope to see more on the blog. Much love and cheers to the blessed new month!

Thanks for stopping by☺


  1. Wow, great post dear! So interesting review!
    Lovely photos. You have so interesting blog and I like it.
    Follow for follow? Let me to know on my blog.

  2. You hit some great points in this post! I've grown so much by really focusing on what is important to achieve my goals. Entrepreneurship is hard, but with a supportive community it's absolutely possible!

  3. I love this, I believe we grow when we go through some hardship. This is not a punishment but rather an opportunity for us to grow and become better. Yes, be patient and trust the process.

    1. Yes Jane...Being patient is one major key we must posses to grow! Thanks for reading💕

  4. Great post! I love anything and everything about self-awareness and growth. That's really what life is all about...entrepreneurship is definitely not an easy road!


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