7 Effective Ways To Make The Most Of Your Day

So you probably got so much on your desk to do and you are all stressed up and worried at the thought of it. You keep wondering and asking yourself, how do I get all these done and still find time for myself? How do I make the best use of my day in less than 24 hours? Is it really possible?

Truth is, there is never really enough time to do everything you want to do but yes it's possible to make the most out of your day. And here are seven helpful ways I have personally found very effective in making the most of a day.

Time is our most valuable resource. If we learn how to control and use it wisely, we will maximize our output both spiritually and financially.

Wake Up Early

The making of your day starts the night before the day because your preparation that night determines how well your day turns out. And there is just this peace that comes with rising up early, that part of the day is usually quiet, calm, energizing, and considered the most productive if put to good use. I did a post on How To Be A Morning Person, you can still catch it up here.


If you don't plan, then you are planning to fail. There are 1,440 minutes in each day, it won't be bad to use 15 minutes out of that time to plan and set your priorities right or else you had find yourself running around in circles and before you know it, you would have wasted so much time. 

Refresh Your Mind

You need to keep your mind, body, soul, and spirit in good shape. And how do you do that? By listening to the right things, saying the right things, repeating your affirmations, surrounding yourself with the right people and developing yourself mentally, spiritually, physically, and socially. Nurture and feed your mind with the right things. Learn to also embrace gratitude, faith, hope and joy.

Eat Right

Eating right and healthy sets the body right for the day's activity. The body needs something to run with each day, so make sure you're feeding and fueling it with the right foods. Basically, it is normally said that when you include protein in your breakfast, it keeps the body alert and strong. I also did a post on Eating Healthy, it's here.

Accomplish One Major Goal

So I assume we all have to do lists for each day, that's where you list out your goals or things you want to achieve for that day. We may feel completely overwhelmed by them sometimes but we shouldn't. All you need to actually do, is to choose one big or major thing on your list and do it first. After that, you will find it so easy to accomplish other things or goal listed out. My boss makes use of this principle daily and it really works for her, likewise me too.

Do Something You Love To Do

A day doesn't pass me by that I don't get to do what I love. I always try to cheap it in no matter how hard it seems. And by doing that, I feel kind of fulfilled even if I don't do all that's listed out on my to do list.

Stay Positive

I try to keep myself motivated and inspired where ever I find myself. I make positive declarations, read positive things, surround myself with positive people, listen to positive things, etc. By doing so, I get rid of all the negative energy around me.

Staying positive can be one of the hardest things to do but you can find it so easy by simply staying true to yourself and learning to enjoy yourself even in the little things. I did a post on staying positive - the do's and dont's here.

Has any of the following tips worked for you? What other helpful tips will you recommend? Kindly leave me your thoughts below.

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  1. Focusing on staying positive and accomplishing one goal . Sometimes it's so hard to just get started. Thank you for sharing

  2. Sometimes waking up early is the beginning of a wasted day. Thanks for this article. Very revealing.
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