So, I was at #TheHub2017 Global Business and Success Conference last weekend (10th-12th November) and it was such an awesome experience, one that’s quite unforgettable. The Hub is an annual and global business conference put together by The Common Wealth Of Zion Assembly (COZA), Abuja in Nigeria to educate and train individuals on what it takes to build a thriving business and successful career in today’s world in order to gain capacity for wealth creation and management. The conference was a phenomenal, one filled with Kingdom giants, Global intellects, Multimillionaire C.E.O’s and Founder’s.

In attendance was; The Reverend Biodun Fatoyinbo and Pastor Modele Fatoyinbo (Senior Pastors, COZA Global), Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo (Senior Pastor, KICC), Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu (Minister of State, Petroleum Resources), Tara Fela-Durotoye (CEO, House of Tara), Ayo (AY) Makun (CEO, Corporate World Entertainment), Adewale Aladejana (Master Perfumer, Sapphire Scents), Nkechi Harry Ngonadi (CEO, NHN Couture), etc.

I know a lot of you kept wondering what was so fascinating about it, what was the hype all about, and what was to be taught or learned there. This was why, I decided to put up my personal experience and share vital key lessons I learned with my online friends and blogfam. Hopefully those who missed can pick one or two lessons from it. Enjoy!

  • The world awaits the manifestations of the Sons of God. And to take over territories, we need Kingdom strategies and a perspective of what it takes in place. – Pastor Biodun
  • The devil hates it when we children of God have resources. He can’t stand it when you are born of the spirit, understand your identity, walk in miracles, and have resources. That’s like the ultimate! – Pastor Biodun
  • It’s not enough to be blessed but important for you to create generational wealth. All lasting wealth is built from the family, from generation to generation. Make every effort to perpetuate wealth for the sake of the future. If you fail to do so, you rob the next generation of assets to Kingdom practices – Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo
  • Stop wasting financial resources through gambling, borrowing on credit, unnecessary insurance policy, unnecessary media advertising, get rich quick ponzi schemes, loans, etc. Lower your cost of living for a moment! – Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo
  • Create wealth, get out of debt. Consider real estates! Make all business legal, make sure there is proper documentations, know all the parties involved. Protect your wealth!  Write a will! Build lasting relationships! Be smart! – Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo
  • When you separate the first for God, the rest is sanctified. It is what you do with the ‘first’ that determines the ‘rest’. When you tithe, you release a four generational blessings. Tithing is not just the money, it’s the obedience. It’s the heart! – Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo
  • Rich people create, celebrate and enjoy their blessings. Poor people compete, complain, condemn, and criticize. Every invention that has ever impacted the world, came out of creativity. – Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo
  • Everything starts with an idea and there are Godly ideas. God is the one who gives trusted and lasting business ideas. God can teach you to make money and profit. – Wale Aladejana
  • Your ideas must be unique. You brand must stand out, don’t follow the crowd. You must set your own path and chart your own course. Know your gift and use it, build around it. – Wale Aladejana
  • It’s not money that makes you rich, it’s an anointing. It takes more than money to make things work. There is a Kingdom way of doing things, discover it. – Wale Aladejana
  • Get mentored by someone! Mentorship is experience without the pain. You can be saved from a lot of things through mentorship. – Wale Aladejana
  • Make good use of your social media platforms, don’t underestimate it. Practice integrity! Mind the people around you, mind your relationships. Become a big time giver. Practice honor! Take heed and be careful always. – Wale Aladejana
  • The greatest gift youths have is their skill set. Let’s learn to harness them and put them to good use. Prepare for success, don’t embezzle it. Believe in yourself at all times, learn from people and those you admire, observe them. – Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu
  • Any position you leave without a successor makes you a failure. Your wealth and knowledge should transcend you. There is pride in grooming people for the next generation. Embrace opportunities, learn to market yourself everyday. Overcome difficulties and challenges, they are normal part of our everyday life. – Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu
  • Adopt the God-first policy in your business, be dependent on God. That uncommon thing that you do is what sets you apart, be focused, diligent, and determined. Take your business place as your pulpit to reach out and your customers as your audience, be serious about it. Be physically and spiritually prepared, it should be all about God! – Nkechi Harry Ngonadi
  • How you start your day determines how it goes and how it ends. Speak and prophesy into your day, be praiseful and thankful. The company you keep determines what accompanies you, defend your joy at all cost! How you treat your worker’s also matters, treat them like you will treat your own. – Nkechi Harry Ngonadi
  • Delay is not denial, don’t give up. Be confident about what you are passionate about. Don’t have a lacasadical attitude, have perseverance. Make good use of opportunities, you never can tell the doors it will open. – Ayo Makun
  • You must challenge yourself! Motivate yourself! Have a clear vision for your life! Hold onto something! Infuse your vision with passion. Don’t be intimidated by losers, keep moving. Opportunities don’t happen, you create them. – Ayo Makun
  • Connect with your vision helper. Submit yourself to mentorship, be ready to serve and take risks. Don’t mistake your mentors for sponsors. No one succeeds alone, you need people who supports and gives you the right push. – Ayo Makun
  • Build a great theme and hire the right people who are capable, be good to people, help others, sow good seeds. Face your fears and take calculated risks. Don’t compromise with standard. Always deliver more than expected! – Ayo Makun
  • Don’t build businesses based on your desire to make money, build based on your values. Be multi-generational in your thinking, build companies that thrive and last for generations to come. Build businesses that can be institutionalised. Think out of the box! – Tara Fela-Durotoye
  • Put systems and structures in place. Your kind of values will influence your customers and the behavior consistent to how they perceive you which in return creates your culture. Your values should create your company’s values. Be excellent at all times, excellence is what you do when no one is watching. You are an inspiration to people even though you might know it. – Tara Fela-Durotoye

My favorite speaker’s had to be Adewale Aladejana, Ayo Makun, and Tara Fela-Durotoye because they spoke straight into my heart and I could totally relate to their success stories and experience. Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo and Nkechi Harry Ngonadi did blow me up too. They all did wonderfully well and made us wanting more.

It was a 3-days free conference for everyone including those who registered online. I made sure I got to the auditorium early, sat in front where I could see all the speaker’s clearly because I was so expectant. The 2nd day was quite a day for me because I was there between the hours of 9am – 9:30pm, although the event started around 9:30am and ended by 9pm.

I was already used to such special gatherings so I was not suprised by everything but was quite fascinated. The 2nd day of the conference was a long one and I felt so weak when it was time for the 1 hour break (5pm-6pm), I guess that was because I failed to have breakfast before coming that day, I didn’t know we had take much time. I was so much in a hurry to leave the house and arrive at the venue early.

Well, thankfully they were some really nice and cool food stores around that day just incase anyone needed something to eat, drink, or snack on. I ate something and when we came back from the break, Mummy D (Pastor Modele) charged us up in prayers and my strength was renewed. I was also a bit late for the final day (Day 3), didn’t get a front seat but I got somewhere comfortable inside the Church auditorium and I was equally blessed.

So, I hope you were able to pick a few lessons from the summary of my notes and experience? Above all, I hope you put into practice what’s been taught and learned. It’s not enough to gain knowledge but that what’s been gained, be useful and impactful. I personally have started implementing changes to my life, career, and business. I hope we can all do the same!

Finally, I just want to say a very big thank you to the Hosts, Pastor Biodun and his beautiful, amiable, tongue talking, and slaying wife especially for their investment in my life these past days. Gosh…I’m deeply grateful! I deeply celebrate the grace of God upon them, they have been such a huge blessing in such a short period of time.

Photocredit: @cozaglobal and @biodunfatoyinbo

P:S – I ‘m so sorry I couldn’t take pictures or get a good selfie for you guys, I was totally carried away by the experience including the fact that I just wanted to focus on the conference and avoid distractions. But guess what? I was issued a certificate for registering and attending.

Were you at The Hub 2017? What was your experience like? Did you follow online? Or did someone mention it to you? What do you think about the event and the lessons I shared? Share below.