What Did 2018 Teach You? 12 Awesome People Share Their Life Lessons

It's been such a great year for us at the blog and we really want to take this opportunity to thank all of you, our readers, our partners, supporters, mentors, and community at large for being here with us.

We are really grateful for you and we thought it wise to end the year by bringing together some of the lessons our readers and friends learned during the year to inspire others on their journey.

12 Traits of Highly Successful Bloggers

Becoming a professional blogger isn’t just about hitting the publish button, it takes much more than writing words and sharing it on social media. Below are 12 traits to develop if you must be a successful blogger. Let us know which one works best for you!

How To Confidently Navigate a Career Change

More people than ever change careers at some point in their working life. In fact, it's thought that most of us will have up to ten jobs throughout our lives and that even those with a real passion for their work will one day want to try something else.

The Questions You Need To Ask Yourself When Considering a Career Abroad

Is working or studying abroad right for you? It might be, especially when:

a) You are looking to learn and enrich your life experience.
b) Your current employer offers you the possibility.
c) You can grow your career in another country.

There may be many more reasons why working abroad might be right for you, but you shouldn't pack your bags too early, with nary a thought and a prayer. Careful thinking is needed, so let us help you consider the viability for you.

How To Be An Entrepreneur In 5 Simple Steps

Wanting to be a business man or woman is such a great aspiration to have. But at the same time, it’s not something that happens overnight. It takes work. A lot of it. It also takes patience. Things take time and you need to make sure that you’re really working on your goals and towards your dreams in order for this to all pay off. But at the same time, there is one thing that you can start to do today that will really allow you to get to where you want to be quicker. And that’s to how to become a successful entrepreneur.

The Story Behind the Fashion You Buy

In a world of mass media where every highly kept secret is bound to surface and end up on your social media feed, it’s kind of impossible to not think about the cruelty and injustice going on in the world. And come on, if you know where your favorite Instagram influencer is at any given moment, you’re bound to know at least a little bit something about the fashion industry, and how that high-quality suit you’re wearing came to be.

New Year's Resolution Worth Making in 2019

How are your 2018 New Year's resolutions going? Did they get forgotten in March like most others? Or were they the ones that didn’t even make it out of January? Did you bother at all, or did you fail to give it any thought, because you knew that you wouldn’t bother? You are certainly not alone if you fall into any of those groups. Very few New Year’s resolutions are successful, or still successful by the end of the following year.

Morning Habits That Makes Successful People

Becoming successful doesn't happen overnight, you have to be committed to the process it takes to get there. One thing I have learned over the years is, you can't get the results you constantly admire if you don't constantly put in the work. If you want to be successful at what you do, then your habits, daily routines and rituals must prove it.

Sunday Vibes || The Power Of Thanksgiving

When I started thanking God for the things I would normally take for granted, I began to experience an overflow. I realized that without the merciful blessings of God, I wouldn't be in existence. And I want you to know that, no matter how bad you feel about your life, there is always something to be thankful for.

How To Prevent Yourself From Working Sick

Do you have an impending backache during work which only dissipates once the weekend arrives? Are you suffering from insomnia, anxiety, or depression as a result of your job? You are not alone in feeling mentally and physically exhausted during work. To an extent, most of us assume being sad, bored, and taking crap from our boss at work is just part of the job. To a degree perhaps, but this isn't a sufficient justification to work yourself sick.

If your body is ceasing up every time you enter the office, your hands feel numb approaching your factory job, you eat junk food at your desk continuously to help you maintain some form of morale to get your through the day, you don’t have to continue living this way and enduring mental and physical pain to earn money.

Mistakes You Don't Want To Make In Your 20s

The best stage to build your life and invest in yourself the most is your 20s. It is doubtlessly the most crucial and significant aspect of your life. The decisions you make, the habits you develop, and the actions you take at this age can determine your outcome in the future. And while many think they have it all put together, we have seen many who made mistakes that could have been avoided. Below, we shared top mistakes to avoid in your 20s and we hope you learn from them.

7 Podcasts Every Blogger Needs To Listen To

When it comes to podcasts, I have quite a number of favorites and it's a bit hard picking the best because I think they are all top-notch. As a blogger, it's important I surround myself with other like-minds, creatives individuals, and some of the best motivational resources out there. This is why, I decided to share some of the phenomenal podcasts that are soul-lifting and inspiring that I daily listen to and I believe everyone should be listening to. Not only are they good for bloggers, they are also outstanding and delightful to every one who seeks improvement at what they do, or find creative solutions along their career path.

5 Modern Ways to Keep Your Home Office Chic and Simple

We picked out a couple of amazing ideas on how you can decorate a girl’s home office and keep it chic but simple. Instead of opting in for the usual masculine neutral tones like steely gray and other cold nuances which are actually boring, you can express your uniqueness through diverse modern designs. So, if you’re one of the successful striving women, take a look at what we have prepared for you and get inspired!


Why You Should Believe In Yourself No Matter What

You doubt your dreams and visions? You wonder if they will ever come through? You doubt your existence? You wish you had something better to do much better? You think you are not capable of achieving your goals? You feel you are not good enough? You are quite scared? You don't feel confident about where you are headed in life? If your answer is yes, then you probably don't believe in yourself! And even if you do, you are not so sure.

7 Must-Have Tools For Online Businesses

Thanks to the evolving trend and change in technology, you can now work online and manage your businesses from any part of the world. In this post, I have included some of the best online business tools I have used. These tools have been proven to help manage time, money, and resources for better results and successful user outcome. I'm sure you had find them helpful as well!

Deborah Sarki: My Drive To Improve and Learn Everyday Shaped My Becoming Process

Entrepreneurship has become the order of the day in Africa, and it's just so remarkable seeing women thrive in the system. These women are not just called CEO's for title sake, they wear it as a crown and work tirelessly to attain success at what they do. Our 21st Century Woman feature is a part of them, she is one passionate African woman building a thriving and sustainable business in a blooming economy.

Meet Deborah Sarki, the CEO of Deem Style Accessories, a unique bespoke fashion accessories brand for Men's styling. She makes customized bow ties, brooch pins, lapel pins, and wedding boutonnieres. She also offers image styling and consultations for clients. She is doing her best to contribute positively to lives around her and the world at large. We were so glad to have her share some dose of inspiration on the blog. Enjoy!

Effective Ways to Become a Better Writer

Knowing how to put out quality content in form of writing, is not something exclusive to individuals who are professionals only. Truth is, anyone can learn to write and produce engaging content through intense research and practice. Personally, I mastered the art of writing in college, through my literature professor who always encouraged us to write articles for the literature department. The articles were to be published monthly in a school magazine, and the more I wrote, the better I got with my skills.


Johnstone Kpilaakaa: My Salvation Experience

It's always a joy to see young who are people focused, hardworking, dedicated, purpose driven, and passionate about what they do and where they are headed in life. This, is what best describes Johnstone Kpilaakaa, a 18 year old student of Biological Sciences and Education at the University of Jos, Nigeria.

9 Tips For Job Interview Success

Knowing what is expected of you, during and after a job interview puts you in the right frame of mind and makes you the best fit for your dream job. Here, we have put together 9 tips to help you get prepared.

Social Etiquette For Millennials

Few days ago, I met with a senior friend and we talked about millenials, the great things they are doing, the positive and the negative impact they have on the younger generation. I remember her capitalizing on their terrible manners. Well, I wouldn't blame her. Will you? It's quite hard these days to find 50 out of every 100 millenials with good manner of approach and great code of conduct.

Money Habits You Should Embrace In Your 20s

Your 20s are the best time to grow and develop your income. It's also the perfect time to invest in profitable ventures and adopt smart financial habits that will shape your future.

I remember the biggest financial mistake I made last two years, I felt really bad about it because I was ignorant. How could I of all people make such mistake? Well it did happen and I'm so glad I learned my lesson.

Sunday Vibes || 30 Encouraging Scriptures For Women

Feeling overwhelmed, tired, scared, down, lost or without hope? These Bible verses will uplift your spirit and encourage you on your life's journey.

1. Proverbs 31:25
She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.

Tyler Perry's Acrimony: Movie Review

So, I finally saw the much talked movie 'ACRIMONY' and to be honest, it left me shook. My mind kept racing back and forth, till the end. 

To tell you what, the movie is capable of brewing hot arguments. Men would naturally want to support the guy and women, the lady.

Truth is, our perspectives will not all be the same. No matter how we each try to report what we see, a little bit of sentiment can not be totally ruled out.

Seven Entrepreneurial Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

It's okay to make mistakes as we have all made our shares of them. It happens to everyone. Mistakes are an inevitable part of the entrepreneurial process because they are needed for constant improvement and development.

You are better off trying something and having it not work and learning from that than not doing anything at all. - Mark Zuckerberg

The road to success is paved with lots of mistakes making alongside but it doesn't matter as many times you make them, so long as you learn from it. Here are top seven mistakes other entrepreneurs and start ups have made and why you shouldn't make them.

How To Create Instagram Story Highlight Covers

As most of you already know, Instagram recently made some great changes to their user interface which includes the IGTV (a new feature that allows users to create a channel for videos) and a new feature that allows you to save and categorize your archived Instagram stories on your profile page.

You may have probably seen major influencers accounts personalizing their cover pages into something beautiful and cohesive. I have personally gotten questions from most of you, asking me how to create them.

Why You Should Invest In Conferences

I love to attend conferences and I think I have always had a thing for them. I mean who doesn't love an opportunity to learn, connect with like minds, and become better at what they do.

Conferences are a formal gathering or meeting of people with common interest coming together in order to talk and share ideas about a particular topic or to solve a problem (typically one that takes place over several days).

25 Business Ideas To Start With Little Money In Nigeria

The number of unemployed youths in Nigeria keeps rising day after day. And while it calls for serious intervention by the Government, it's also a wake up call to every one who haven't gotten their hands on something.

Just yesterday, I was telling a recent graduate not to sit back, relax, and fold her hands waiting for a white collar job. I told her to start something now no matter how small it feels because, I believe we all have something deep inside of us that is capable of launching us to our destined place.

Staying Committed To Your Dreams - What You Need To Know.

It's a brand new month and what better way to start than to first, be grateful for being alive to accomplish new things. Life is a roller coaster ride and it takes a lot of committment to keep at what you do especially if you want to actualize your dreams.

Often times, I have found myself pushing too hard because of some given expectations and unrealistic goals being laid down but how much is too much for one to do? I know how hard it really gets to stay committed out there, especially when thing's don't go as expected and I'm here to help you out.

7 Simple Tips To Staying Productive At Work

Productivity has always been a challenge to several people and in most recent times, I have come to realize how hard it keeps getting to stay productive in today's busy world.

Several things seems to be distracting and diverting our attention from focusing on what really matters and living a more free, meaningful, and productive life.

5 Things Successful People Do Before 8 a.m.

Success is a daily series of habits formed over time and consistently put together through action to achieve a desired goal. You can't be highly successful if you don't pursue your dreams and work hard towards achieving goals every day.

Success is something you attract by the person you become. - Jim Rohn

A lot of us marvel and wonder at what it is that makes one a true success, while some of us desire to know their daily habits and routines because that's where their secret lies. This is true because our habits and daily routines forms us into what we become.

15 Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Ideas - The Perfect Gift For Nigerian Moms

Mother's are like buttons, they hold it all together. Hope you treat the wonderful Moms in your life to these totally afordable gifts for Mother's Day. We are certain they will love them!

Sunday Vibes || 7 Scriptures To Be Rooted In

As the winds keeps whipping around this season, trees with shallow roots are being tossed about like chaffs. But trees having deep roots can not be easily moved because they are well grounded into the soil.

Plant your roots in Christ and let the word of God be the foundation for your life.

Likewise the same, God challenges us to have deep spiritual roots in our daily walk with him and that's because deeply rooted trees continues to grow year after year and they have the tendency to survive heavy storms.

How To Improve Your Writing Skills

Improving your writing skills is a lot easier and simpler than you think. I know there are thousands of articles published online daily and every one wants to stand out from the crowd but it takes a well written and captivating content to be different.

5 Ways To Spring Clean Your New Year Goals

Unsurprisingly, it’s a lot easier to make goals when we are tipsy, dancing, and having a great time at the New Year party. We feel good and powerful, and we know that everything’s going to change, come next year, it’s all going to be totally different! And we usually do start eagerly, full of that good energy and determination.

But by the time spring comes, the willpower has dwindled, and we realize that nothing’s really going according to plan, and since so many things are going wrong, giving up or simply forgetting your goals becomes far too easy to do. So, how do we stop that? How do we keep feeling empowered and work to feel and and look our best? Well, it’s time to spring clean our goals, and here’s how.

Success Is Accepting Personal Responsibility

Growing up, I had always felt under privileged and less of a person that I was, because my childhood experience was not nice. I felt well, if I were as privileged as this person or that person, I would have been more that I am or done more than I am doing. I failed to realize that it was entirely up to me to create the kind of life I so desired and saw happening for others.

Chukwuemeka Amadi: See Yourself As A Product That Requires Continuous Development

I have had series of questions from strangers, mentee's, and friends on the journey to discovery and finding true self, especially about finding their place in this vast world.

Let's be frank with ourselves, it's a life search. It's not something you just get at once in a full package. In short, it's a zigzag road where you see the end of each turn but can't see the end of the destination. You are only allowed to see a glimpse of where you are going.

Increase Your Blog Traffic - 11 Things To Do Before And After You Hit Publish

Ever been in a situation where after spending hours, pouring out your heart and soul into a valued piece of content, and then you hit publish but get discouraged with the number of views or stats? If yes, then this post is for you.

As a blogger, it's important to know that it's not just enough to write or publish a blog post. There are a whole lot of other things that needs to be carefully considered and put in place, so as to ensure success.

So in this post, I'll be sharing 11 things you should do to every blog post before and after you hit the publish button.

5 Proven Ways To Be More Mindful With Your Phone

Often times, we find ourselves addicted to our smartphone. It's almost like a part of us is incomplete when separated from it, as more than half of us tend to feel very nervous and uncomfortable when it gets missing.

So, in a bid to be help you become more mindful and intentional this year, I came up with 5 proven ways that saves you time and stress, and also help you improve your productivity.

Ojone Akubo: I Derive So Much Joy And Fun From Baking

I came across Dainty Cakes last year, when a Facebook friend of mine shared an image of a beautiful cake on her timeline and I was like Wow...Who baked this? It was so cute and lovely.

Essential Beauty Tips For Rushed Mornings & Busy Days On The Go

Has it ever happened to you that you woke up feeling strangely refreshed only to realize you’ve overslept and that you’ll probably going to be late for work or school? Sadly, we’ve all had those mornings, and we often sacrifice our good looks, flawless makeup and cute outfits because we want to be on time. Fortunately, there are some pretty useful beauty tips and hacks that will allow you to get ready in no time and look flawless all day long.

How To Feel Content Being Single + 4 Ways To Enjoy The Valentine's Day

Living as a single person in today's world is quite hard. Why? Because everyone makes it seem like something is wrong with you. And it's even way harder if you are still living under your parents house. It's as if, you are suffering from an incurable disease and you really need to be referred to a specialist for proper care and attention.

I'm not sure why everyone is trying to fit into the mole but I do know that each time I remember the days I felt discontent with being alone and loving myself all by myself, I wish I could beat myself up for ever trying to think my value or self worth was tied to a relationship just to feel loved by someone.

Being single is not a disease.

This mistaken belief that singleness equals rejection can lead to insecurity, self-esteem issues, hatred, and depression. If you are experiencing any of these feelings, it may be helpful to remember that you are not alone.

There are so many single people out there and it's not a shame to admit it. Being single is not a hard thing and the fact that you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend, fiancé/fiancée, husband/wife, does not mean you won't have one someday. It's only for a season and that season will pass!

8 Top Social Media Do's And Don'ts!

Statistics shows there are over 2.46 billion active users on social media and the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, etc. shows just how powerful social networks are.

Social media is a website or application that enables users create and share contents in order to participate in social networking. This in turn facilitates the sharing of ideas, information, and other interests via communities and networks.

Social media is great but do not spend so much time on it that you end up doing nothing. - CAFRICA INSPIRATIONS

And while there are many good and positive sides to the use of social media, the negative sides are also numerous, which is why I decided to share on the top do's and don'ts of social media. I hope it inspires you to do better with your platform.

7 Habits You Shouldn't Overlook This Year

When I was doing a review on some of the things I needed to improve and work on this year, I came up with a list of 7 things I should be doing regularly and I felt I should share them on the blog with you guys.

And since I'm all about personal development, growing daily, and becoming better in specific areas of my life, I feel these habits shouldn't be overlooked but rather embraced for the good and benefit of one's general wellbeing.

There are people depending on your transformation.

Habits are like daily routines, something we do often or repeatedly for a long period of time to achieve a desired result and sometimes we do them subconsciously.

Sunday Vibes || The Place Of Prayer

Prayer is a means of communicating with God, it's not a monologue but a dialogue which opens up doors for us to be aligned with his purposes and plans for our lives. Being a christian means you are in a relationship with God and having a place set aside for prayers will help you strengthen your relationship with him and determine his perfect will for your life

The greatest tragedy in life is not unanswered prayer but unoffered prayer. - F.B Meyer


How To Look Your Best - Even When You Don't Feel It

You got up after barely a few hours of sleep, tired, hair greasy, eyes puffy, and with a giant pimple that seems to have decided the middle of your forehead is the equivalent of a luxurious Fifth Avenue condo. It moved in, put its socks in the underwear drawer, and it looks like it’s here to stay for at least a few days, until you kick it out with spot treatment. And on top of everything? It’s Monday. Whoopty-freakin’-do.

Well, you’ve got two choices: call in sick and stay at home, or get up, slap a smile on your face, and face the day. Does the first option sound more tempting? Sure it does. And sometimes it’s the best option, sometimes taking a day off really is beneficial. But for the most part, soldering on, while more difficult, is much more rewarding. Here’s one thing you need to know: we are here for you. We all have terrible days, but we’ve piled some great tips that helped us get through them, and we’re here to share.

My Blog Goals For 2018, Award Nomination, and Popular Posts In 2017

I am really excited to share 5 of my major blog goals this year with you all. I wouldn't normally do this but I felt y'all have been there, cheering me on, and supporting the blog all the way and it wouldn't be a bad idea to let y'all know what we are up to so you know how truly committed and passionate we are about inspiring you to live a well meaningful and productive life.

The year 2017 was a year of intentional growth for us on the blog and we are glad that y'all made it possible. We had readers from over 30 nations and we were also honored with 3 awesome awards. Yayyyy!

Top Effective Ways To Stay Productive In The New Year

Happy New Year NDB readers, thank you for being part of my journey. I am thankful that I get to inspire and motivate you to be the best you can ever be. We have so much to share on the blog already and I can't wait for y'all to have an amazing 2018!

I recently shared some productivity tips for the new year with Temitoria via her new ebook titled With Love - A Mindset Kit. You can download it here for free.

Personal productivity is a key differentiator between those who succeed in their chosen field and those who do not. - Brian Tracy 

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