I am really excited to share 5 of my major blog goals this year with you all. I wouldn’t normally do this but I felt y’all have been there, cheering me on, and supporting the blog all the way and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to let y’all know what we are up to so you know how truly committed and passionate we are about inspiring you to live a well meaningful and productive life.

The year 2017 was a year of intentional growth for us on the blog and we are glad that y’all made it possible. We had readers from over 30 nations and we were also honored with 3 awesome awards. Yayyyy!

Thanks to everyone who nominated us for these awards! We are elated that the blog is appreciated for the values it spreads.

We also had a few guest writers who shared their passion and contributed to the growth and development of the blog. We really appreciate everyone of you! If you feel you are an amazing writer and would love to write for us or contribute to the blog, kindly visit here.

Our major goal this year is to make more impact and influence the digital space with positive vibes and quality contents that will inspire and motivate you to become the best version of yourself as well as develop your spiritual, physical, mental, relational skills, and general well being. Some of our other goals include;

1. Excellence: There is nothing as great as having an excellent blog, one filled with valuable contents and making positive impact to our readers. We really hope to achieve more of that this year.

2. Collaborations & Give Aways: We hope to connect and collaborate with great influencers and bloggers who are doing amazing stuffs this year. There are so many of them out there and we would love to reach out to them and have them partner with us on the blog. Please stay tuned and ensure to subscribe to be the first to get notified!

3. Network & Make More Blogger Friends: While I have met some awesome people on this path, I have also made amazing friends but I would love to meet and network with more creative souls and experienced bloggers, so if you are one and love what we are all about, please let’s connect. You can follow me on any of the social media platforms:

IG @naomi_destiny

Twitter @naomidestiny_

4. Blogging Tools & Resources: Last year, we had a little challenge using some of the necessary blogging tools but we hope to be fully equipped this year. We would love to improve on SEO, Optimization, Keywords, Images, etc. We hope to also get a digital camera, purchase a better theme, and customize our fonts and layouts to ensure efficiency in communicating with our audience. If you would love to partner, sponsor, advertise or support us in any way, please send a mail to info@naomidestiny.com and we would forward you our details. We appreciate your kind gesture no matter how little!

5. Shamelessly Promote Our Contents: It’s so sad that people still think bloggers are some bunch of jobless or hopeless people who spread rumors and bad news around. I really do not know why some have failed to realize how important blogging is, and even though sometimes it feels embarrassing acknowledging and owning who we are but this year ain’t gonna be like that. We are going to gain more influence and shamelessly promote our contents to make the world a better place. We are proud of who we are and what we do!


As a bit of recap since we haven’t done any, there were a total of 89 posts shared on the blog in 2017 and here are most of our popular posts for the year. It covers almost all the categories of the blog.

So, what were some of your favorite blog posts for the year? Share with us in the comment section!

Finally, I’m so thankful for all of you our  awesome readers and the entire NDB community for sticking with us and showing us so much love and support in 2017. Please ensure you like our Facebook page and subscribe to the blog here. You may also wish to follow me on Instagram @naomi_destiny or on Pinterest @naomi_destiny or on Twitter @naomidestiny_ and if you don’t mind, please tell a friend or someone about the blog.

If you’ve got questions, feedbacks, suggestions or ideas, we would love to hear them too!

We hope you have an amazing 2018 filled with beautiful memories of all the positivity on the blog. Thank you so much!