Unsurprisingly, it’s a lot easier to make goals when we are tipsy, dancing, and having a great time at the New Year party. We feel good and powerful, and we know that everything’s going to change, come next year, it’s all going to be totally different! And we usually do start eagerly, full of that good energy and determination.

But by the time spring comes, the willpower has dwindled, and we realize that nothing’s really going according to plan, and since so many things are going wrong, giving up or simply forgetting your goals becomes far too easy to do. So, how do we stop that? How do we keep feeling empowered and work to feel and look our best? Well, it’s time to spring clean our goals, and here’s how.

Revise your goals

In life, there are simply way too many factors for things to always be going according to plan. When you were making your goal, it’s possible that you didn’t take a bunch of things into consideration, and you can never really anticipate all of the things that might get in the way. However, this is nothing terrible, it simply means that it’s time to revise everything.

What is slowing down your progress? What kind of problems have you encountered? Once you’ve acknowledged them, you can find a way to solve them. We recommend that you write down everything that’s been bothering you in a notebook and then think of a new approach for all of the things that aren’t working out in your life.

A tidy home for a tidy mind

A clean, neat home can actually help you feel more relaxed and organized. There are very few people who actually thrive in a creative mess, and most of us benefit a lot from decluttering and having a tidy space around us.

Grab your rubber gloves and cleaning products, and try looking at your spring cleaning as a ritual – there is something liberating about putting things back into place, about bringing back the polish and inhaling fresh air after everything has been dusted away. Spring is also the perfect time to decorate your home with soothing and refreshing indoor plants like orchids, ferns, or philodendrons.

Lush, radiant skin

Your skincare resolutions will definitely need to be revised in spring because you’ll need different kinds of products to nourish and protect your skin. Upping your SPF is a must, and you should also consider switching your heavy cream moisturizer for something light and gel-based.

It’s very important to be consistent and use high-quality skincare for your face. The Ultra Moisturiser skincare range will target your skin problems and keep the skin’s optimum hydration levels. Don’t miss a single day of your routine, use the good stuff, and it will really pay off.

Go organic

There is no resolution more important than your health, and going organic can really improve it and help you feel a lot better. Fresh, organic produce that is full of vitamins and nutrients, clothes made of bamboo and other eco-friendly materials, and even beauty products that don’t contain parabens or other harmful chemicals can introduce you to a very healthy lifestyle.

Strength, energy, and willpower come from a healthy body and a healthy mind, so switching to an organic lifestyle can inspire you to go further and reach your other goals with more ease.

Inspire yourself every day

This is usually related to workouts, because we’ve all be saying “next Monday” and “too tired today, I’ll do it tomorrow” for quite some time. So, to make it work, we’re going to suggest this: make it easy on yourself. Instead of vowing to go to that fancy gym across the town every day, vow instead to work out at home to your favorite songs.

When you’re tired, tell yourself “I’ll just do ten minutes and then I can quit if I still want to.” If your resolution is not related to working out, this is still a good strategy for pretty much everything you do. Make it easy, find ways to fit it into your schedule without fuss, commit to things that you really want. Mark your progress in a calendar, then reward yourself when you reach milestones.

And remember, don’t use failure as an excuse to stop trying altogether. Use it as a lesson that will help you do better next time. A healthy approach, consistency, and positive reinforcement will help you reach any goal.

Written By:

Amy Mia Goldsmith
lifestyle blogger