5 Things Successful People Do Before 8 a.m.

Success is a daily series of habits formed over time and consistently put together through action to achieve a desired goal. You can't be highly successful if you don't pursue your dreams and work hard towards achieving goals every day.

Success is something you attract by the person you become. - Jim Rohn

A lot of us marvel and wonder at what it is that makes one a true success, while some of us desire to know their daily habits and routines because that's where their secret lies. This is true because our habits and daily routines forms us into what we become.

15 Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Ideas - The Perfect Gift For Nigerian Moms

Mother's are like buttons, they hold it all together. Hope you treat the wonderful Moms in your life to these totally afordable gifts for Mother's Day. We are certain they will love them!

Sunday Vibes || 7 Scriptures To Be Rooted In

As the winds keeps whipping around this season, trees with shallow roots are being tossed about like chaffs. But trees having deep roots can not be easily moved because they are well grounded into the soil.

Plant your roots in Christ and let the word of God be the foundation for your life.

Likewise the same, God challenges us to have deep spiritual roots in our daily walk with him and that's because deeply rooted trees continues to grow year after year and they have the tendency to survive heavy storms.

How To Improve Your Writing Skills

Improving your writing skills is a lot easier and simpler than you think. I know there are thousands of articles published online daily and every one wants to stand out from the crowd but it takes a well written and captivating content to be different.
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