Productivity has always been a challenge to several people and in most recent times, I have come to realize how hard it keeps getting to stay productive in today’s busy world.

Several things seem to be distracting and diverting our attention from focusing on what really matters and living a more free, meaningful, and productive life.

Staying productive is not so hard.

So, how does it work? How can we stay productive even when we are overwhelmed and saddled with loads of responsibilities at work and probably at home?

1. Get organized

The best way to stay productive is to get organized and cultivate habits that helps you stay organized. Declutter your space regularly and keep everywhere clean. Make schedules for the day and keep to them. Set deadlines and practice mindfulness.

2. Master your time

Learn to make smart choices about how you spend your time because time is expensive and irrecoverable. It matters that you channel your time and abilities into something that will better, advance, benefit, and profit you. A proper way to manage time is to time box your activities, this means allocating time for your to-do lists and restricting your work to a particular amount of time.

3. Set goals and practice discipline

Goal setting ensures maximum output and efficiency. It straight drives you into action and keeps you committed to the task ahead. I basically found out that I was most productive whenever I set daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Get to know more about goal setting here.


4. Give yourself some “Me time”¬†

Take time out to CARE for you. The rate at which people die from suicide is increasing day by day and it’s so sad because most times we chase every other thing and forget to be mindful of ourselves first. It takes a well-nurtured YOU to be anything in this world, so do take breaks as often as possible especially to relax, think, and refresh.

5. Avoid negativity

Negativity and drama are something you should avoid if you really want to be productive and do something meaningful in life. There is a lot of noise out there, you need to learn how to rise above it.

6. Be Focused 

Find something you are passionate about and be so focused on it. Stop fixing your attention on everything, keep focused on one thing. If you lose focus, you may lose sight of the vision.

7. Get Involved

Amidst your busy schedules, find time to attend events, seminars, meetings, workshops, and impactful programs that will build you up and enable you to connect with others. Don’t stand alone, find a tribe of people with similar interests and share experiences, thoughts, and ideas.

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