Life is a roller coaster ride and it takes a lot of commitment to keep at what you do especially if you want to actualize your dreams. Often times, I have found myself pushing too hard because of some given expectations and unrealistic goals being laid down but, how much is too much for one to do?

I know exactly how hard it really gets to stay committed to your dreams and vision, especially when thing’s don’t go as expected and I’m here to help you out.

What do you do after trying all you can to stay committed but it’s not just working? How do you manage to keep up when you have lost the zeal and motivation to carry on in life? I understand our daily struggles and the need to commit. Below, I shared what has worked for me, hopefully it may work for you too.

1. Find out what you really want

When I was much younger, I wanted to be a Computer Engineer and my Dad wanted me to be a Medical Doctor. When I grew up later, I decided to be a Chattered Accountant because I was very good at Mathematics. Now I’m all grown up and none of those things interests me except for what I’m deeply passionate about. It’s funny how so many things can seem to interest you all at once.

Figuring out what you want is the most important aspect of making your dreams work.

I know how these things can be and I know how confusing it gets, but you have to really decide what you truly want out of your life. Life may never give you what you want but you have the ability to choose what you want. And the choices you make can either affect or elevate you. Be sure to make the right choices!

2. Take one step at a time

Stop beating up yourself trying to do everything all at once. It’s too risky and life is not that complicated. I think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves and it’s really not okay, we have to learn to relax and be patient with ourselves. Rome itself wasn’t built in one day. Don’t be so much in a hurry to achieve something or prove a point that you end up getting frustrated. Take small steps towards the right direction daily. It’s that simple!

3. Focus on what mattersĀ 


Too many things crave for our attention these days but it will be great if one’s focus is kept on the right things. When you are too focused in life, you can’t even be easily swayed by distractions, you can’t let your obstacles weigh you down either. Your vision will be all that matters to you because you’ve been able to set your mind on what matters. Avoid distractions and always try to focus on where you are headed. It takes discipline.

4. Set goals

If you want to live a happier life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things. – Albert Einstein

The importance of goal setting cannot be overemphasized and I’m not here to cajole you that this truly works. People who set goals every week and achieve them have 80% chance to fulfilling their dreams in a year. Set realistic goals not unrealistic ones, break it into piece by piece and smash them one by one.

5. Find a reason to commit (Find your WHY)

When I started my journey towards personal growth, I was full of enthusiasm. I always look forward to the next thing on my list that will develop or improve me and I felt all was going well not until I began to feel the effects of my commitment. Someone even told me not to kill myself and many others felt I was doing too much. I began to see that change was really not easy and I started to loose motivation.

A certain day came and I began to tell myself the truth and the WHY of all what I was doing. I realized I was not just doing it for doing sake but for a better me. That was the motivation I needed. That was my reason for committing because I know by becoming better, others lives will get better. I live and breathe because I have a purpose and it will be a shame to fail at it. I promised to commit my entire being to living a better life.

6. Be consistent

I have read and listened to a lot of success stories and one key thing I have observed with them all is CONSISTENCY. Successful people are unrelenting towards the pursuit of their goals. There is always this insatiable hunger to succeed. They believe so much in themselves and therefore develop a strong conviction within to fulfill their dreams no matter what. And we need to cultivate that attitude. We need to be consistent at what we do and develop an undying commitment to become all we can ever be.

7. If you are tired, learn to rest and not to quit

Successful people don’t give up. What sets them apart is the ability to rest if possible, learn from their mistakes, and get back on track to try again. Most times, when we get discouraged or tired, we give up so easily. And I know, it’s not easy but no one achieve dreams that way. We need to encourage ourselves to keep it moving despite the odds. Rest when you can but never give up.

How do you stay committed to your own dreams? Can you relate to the written post? What do you feel others should know about getting committed? Share your views below.