12 Famous Creatives Who Overcame Failure

You can easily prepare for a job interview, you can quickly plan for your first day at a new position, you can also prepare for an upcoming meeting, but one thing that's hard to anticipate is failure.

The mere thought of failing is enough to make us shy away from our career and life goals, but we are here to tell you that failure is not always final. In fact, it can teach us so much about our current standings, how to sharpen and strengthen our skills for the future.

Without setbacks and obstacles, our growth would be stifled and it would be very hard to learn and get better. When you are frightened with the idea of taking risks that may come with some hiccups, we hope you learn from the most successful people out there. 

Many famous creatives like Oprah, Walt Disney, and Dr. Seuss had to overcome serious obstacles before striking it big. Did you know, J.K. Rowling was fired from 12 major publishing houses for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone? She persisted, and went on to become the first author to become a billionaire through book writing. 

Invaluable has created an inspiring infographic below that details some of the world's famous creatives, how they faced and overcame some of life’s greatest setbacks. Be inspired!

Graphic by Invaluable.

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