Knowing what is expected of you, during and after a job interview puts you in the right frame of mind and makes you the best fit for your dream job. Here, we have put together 9 tips to help you get prepared.

1. Research the company

Too many people are in a hurry to be interviewed forgetting that they have a lot of prep work to do. Most interviewers will want you to have a background knowledge on the position and company you applied for.

It’s not just about going for a job interview, it’s about preparation.

Visit the company’s website or blog and read their annual reports, publications, testimonials, etc. Go through their page on social media and find out what they do. This will help boost your confidence and enable you prepare well.

2. Prepare Possibly Asked Interview Questions

Go online and research the most frequently asked questions for the position you applied. Generate a list for those questions and prepare your responses accordingly. Go as far as writing down the weirdest question any interviewer may ask of you.

3. Practice how you would speak and respond

Practice always make perfect. You may want to sit in front of a friend and practice how you would respond to your interviewer. Practice how to sit, how to be calm, how to behave, how to be audible, how to position yourself, etc. It helps you conduct yourself in a matured and responsible manner.

4. Prepare copies of your documents

When going for a job interview, you should always take more than one copy of your original documents. Take along a copy of your CV, cover letter and other documents related to the position you applied for.

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5. Dress for success

Don’t go for an interview looking like you have been battered and shattered. You can’t just wear anything because you want to show up there. Be intentional with your dressing.

Dress the way you want to be addressed.

To save you the stress of looking for what to wear, make sure you own a suit and a nice shirt. For women, ensure you have a few corporate dresses, nice blazers or blouse, formal skirts and trousers.

6. Eat something

I know you may not see the importance of this but it’s very important. Don’t go for an interview on an empty stomach. The recruiters may have a lot lined up for them and you may have to wait a bit longer to be interviewed. Your brain also needs food to stay at an alert. Eat a light meal containing proteins and vitamins.

7. Arrive Early

Ensure you arrive at the address 20-30 minutes before the interview begins. This tells how reliable and responsible you are to be offered the position. Although, this is not a yardstick for landing the job. It sets the tone right for you and makes you stand out from the rest.

8. Be confident


I have seen skilled people who were perfect for a particular position but because they lacked confidence to display what they carried on the inside, they were not given the job. Most times, it’s often those who displayed confidence during interviews that are picked.

Speak clearly when asked questions, present yourself in a sensible manner. Show the recruiter how you can be a valuable asset to their company. Talk and write in a formal manner. Keep your head held high but don’t be rude to anyone. Be honest in your answers and portray your willingness to learn where needed.

9. Follow up after the interview

After the interview, thank them for their time and ask questions where you are not cleared. Even if they don’t tell you when their final decision will be made, follow up with them after a day or two. Send a mail or thank you note. It keeps you in an open relationship with the recruiter and even if you don’t land the job, you may get called for another position.

Share with me, what tip has helped you prepare for a job interview? Leave a comment below!