When it comes to podcasts, I have quite a number of favorites and it’s a bit hard picking the best because I think they are all top-notch. As a blogger, it’s important I surround myself with other like-minds, creatives individuals, and some of the best motivational resources out there. This is why, I decided to share some of the phenomenal podcasts that are soul-lifting and inspiring that I daily listen to and I believe everyone should be listening to. Not only are they good for bloggers, they are also outstanding and delightful to every one who seeks improvement at what they do, or find creative solutions along their career path.

1. The Goal Digger Podcast

You have probably heard of the Goal Digger podcast hosted by Jenna Kutcher, the founder of Jennakutcherblog. Alongside sharing her best kept secrets, the podcast is helping thousands of creative bosses redefine success and chase bolder dreams. She interviews the best in the industry and covers wide ranges of topic and inspirational stories that can help you design your dream career. I am such a big fan of the podcast because it has helped me tackle some of my blog’s biggest goals, and I will gladly recommend it for you all.

2. Lead to Win

Michael Hyatt is the founder of Michael Hyatt & Company, a leadership mentor and New York Times bestselling author. He creates weekly podcast alongside his daughter Meagan Hyatt Miller on leadership, business, and productivity tips to help you win at work and succeed at life. Lead to win is one of the best podcast out there to listen to if you want to have a lasting success in your career.

3. The Influencer Podcast

The influencer podcast hosted by Julie Solomon is an innovative podcast that explores the secrets behind the ever-changing trends of influencer marketing and the careers of today’s top social influencers. It takes you behind the scenes with successful influencers, bloggers, and industry elites in conversation to share how they engage, persuade and grew their unique influence.

4. The Unleash Your Blog Podcast

This is a weekly podcast from John Meese and Danny Coleman that is all about turning your blog into an online business. Each week you will get a behind-the-scenes look at strategies that are working right for real-life bloggers. It covers topics like blogging, entrepreneurship, content marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, online courses, coaching and consulting, personal branding, small business, software, tools, apps, and family life.

5. The Young and Ambitious Podcast

Nika Moehin, the host of  The Young & Ambitious podcast helps ambitious young people develop the mindset and habits that sets them up for success. Topics covered includes personal growth, leadership, entrepreneurship, positive mindset, productivity, self worth, organization, friendship, goal setting, and more. It is a very inspiring podcast that will push you to realize your full potentials.

6. Entrepreneur On Fire

This is one of my favorite podcast and I will greatly recommend it for anyone who wants to avoid mistakes and failure along their career path through learning from other great entrepreneurs stories and journeys. John Lee Dumas keeps his podcast inspiring and top-notch by interviewing experts and quality guest speakers who share helpful advises and lessons learnt in their career.

7. School of Greatness Podcast

Once in my life, I was deeply down and discouraged about my blog and while in between it, I discovered this great guy Lewis Howes and his amazing podcasts. He has different categories of episodes, covering inspiration, business, entrepreneurship, health and relationships. Since its launch in January 2013, the School of Greatness podcast has grown rapidly to be one of the top-ranked business and self-development podcasts on iTunes. It’s a great podcast if you want to attain greatness  in your career and live a healthy and more fulfilling life.

Have you listened to any of the following podcasts? Share with me your favorites and let me know what podcasts you would like to add to the list.