Headstart Africa Community (formerly known as SmartBcamp) is one of the reasons 2018 was successful for me. Uncle John Obidi, you have impacted my life in a way you can not even begin to fathom, and this post is long overdue. Your posts regardless of how long or brief, how ordinary or extraordinary, funny or serious has helped shaped my world for the better.

John Obidi is a thought leader in personal development, leadership and online marketing. He is also the founder of Headstart Africa (formerly SmartBcamp), a thriving community of Nigeria’s brightest Thought Leaders.

He was nominated for The Future Awards Africa Prize for New Media in 2013 and won The Future Awards Africa Prize for New Media in 2018.

He was nominated on Avance Media 100 Most Influential Young Nigerians in 2016 and  won Avance Media 100 Most Influential Young Nigerians (Personal Development and Academia Category 2017) in 2017 and 2019 respectively.

John Obidi is skilled at exposing businesses to leverage on social media to increase sales and revenues, working as a consultant he offers solutions and training to his clients.

These 15 quotes (and some lessons) by him anointed my life with sense in 2018. Thank you for everyone one of them. Thank you John Obidi for pouring out yourself to us. Thank you for every post, live session, master class, night school. Thank you for being you. God bless you greatly!

Thank you HeadStarters for all the amazing contents. Cheers to a greater 2019!

1. This is how to make yourself easy to help – buy land in people heads. It’s always been my strategy to get as  many great people as possible to owe me favours.

2. You are not the salt of your pot of soup. You are the salt of the Earth!

3. If God were to play your future on a big screen and show some of you the blessings that are coming, there are certain things you won’t touch in the present day.

4. Adversity waits and hopes for our forgetfulness, and so we script our success. We leave nothing to chance.

5. You are not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s okay. Live your strongest truth and cater to those who are touched by it.

6. When given the opportunity to fetch from a river, don’t show up with just a straw. (from -escape velocity)

7. Social Media can be a minefield, especially if you’re going to be someone of value in future.

8. I guess the reward for good work is really MORE WORK.

9. Focus on those who love what you serve. (from – you are not everyone’s cup of tea. DEAL WITH IT)

10. In this business, people don’t necessarily favour the competent. They favour who they like.

11. In this age where sounding ‘savage’ is  above thoughtful introspection, do not be tempted to step on the banana peel of youth. (from – Let peace be your strategy)

12. If money could make people happy, Judas wouldn’t have committed suicide. Not that he was unhappy with the money, but he was unhappy with himself and unable to find peace with his decision.

13. The goal is to create such a life of freedom where everyday can be a holiday and you’re never again caught up in financial anxiety.

 14. When you ‘behave yourself’ into a habit of confronting problems rather than seeking the path of least resistance, you increase your capacity. The world responds by sending you more complex problems, with more expensive paychecks. (lifestories, 2015)

15. My very best….I read it almost everyday.


Use what you have for what you have is plenty.

Let them continue shaking tables. Kings and Queens don’t sit on tables. We are architects of civilization. We sit on thrones and decide the course of history.

Written by: Deborah Sarki

Deborah Sarki is the CEO of Deem Style Accessories, a unique bespoke fashion accessories brand for Men’s styling. She makes customized bow ties, brooch pins, lapel pins, and wedding boutonnieres. She also offers image styling and consultations for clients.