Blessing & Wasinda: Our Love Story! And How to Successfully Plan a Nigerian Wedding

Love is such a beautiful thing and I'm so elated to share Blessing and Wasinda love story on the blog. These two got married a year and about eight months after they met. They have such beautiful hearts and it's exciting learning from their wedding preparation and experience.

In this exclusive interview with the bride, we talked about the possibility of having a drama free wedding in Nigeria. She shared how she was able to navigate the obstacles and challenges encountered during her wedding preparation. She also shared what to look out for in a man and how to plan a hitch free wedding. Yes! She planned it all by herself and it was a very successful event. Hope you learn a few things! Enjoy!

5 Ways to Start Practicing Gratitude

Three years ago, I was constantly pouring over self-help books, looking for what I thought was the get happy quick answer! Looking back, I know that not all books will be able to help you solve your problems. Guide you, yes. Fix everything for you? No. It has to come from you.

What did help me, was when I came across the gratitude practice. I realised that I have to be appreciative of what I have NOW, rather than focusing on what I don't have. I was constantly fretting about what I didn’t have in my life, and overlooking all of the great things I do have.
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